iPhone 8 Running on MIUI Caught on Shots

Yesterday Apple announced three new products in face of the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and the iPhone X dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the iPhone. All three models came with a number of enhancements concerning hardware as well as software. As you know, iPhone features can be found only on iPhones. This is a great plan allowing the Cupertino-based manufacturer keep the customer at its side. This is one of the keys why Apple fans can’t accept there are other manufacturers and good products as well. But what if you are a devoted Mi fan and want to own the latest iPhone at the same time. Probably, one of the most common thing you can do is to jailbreak your iPhone. This is not recommended. But if you still want to combine these two things keep on reading to learn how one of the netizens has done something like that.

iPhone 8 on MIUI

Once the iPhone 8 was announced, once of the users posted a photo on his social media page showing the iPhone 8 running on MIUI. As you know, this software is one of the keys to success for Xiaomi. The post went viral, and many users began discussing the case as an iPhone 8 had appeared on the net with MIUI out-of-the-box.

iPhone 8 on MIUI

Actually, MIUI is a great software that is accepted by 300 million users. This is the latest data, which shows every year 100 million new users join the group. But no matter how popular MIUI is, Apple won’t use it and any other software but iOS on its mobile devices. So what’s been actually happened?

iPhone 8 on MIUI iPhone 8 on MIUI

It turns out, there is a theme for iOS called Qi Liu Hai OS. This theme provides MIUI-like icons and wallpapers. So all those Mi users that want to own the iPhone 8 but continue using MIUI, should take a glance at this theme.

iPhone 8 on MIUI

Just look, the iPhone 8/X looks quite attractive running on this theme. Sometimes I think this software is better than the iOS. By the way, similar themes can be found for all top branded smartphones including the Samsung Galaxy S8.

iPhone 8 on MIUI



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