iPhone 7 Plus Vs Huawei P9 Dual Camera Comparison!

Everyone knows that 2016 is the “twin-lens” era, whether the smartphone is a high-end, expensive terminals like iPhone 9 Plus and Huawei P9 or budget friendly like Xiaomi Redmi Pro. The point is that these phones with the dual camera have become trendy all over the planet. But, the scene behind the doubles is different in every smartphone. That’s why we are here to compare the two top dual lens smartphones; Huawei P9 and iPhone 7; especially the two camera blur effect, but only one could be the best. So let the battle of iPhone 7 Plus Vs Huawei P9 dual camera comparison began:

iPhone 7 Plus Vs Huawei P9 Dual Camera Comparison – The Difference is so Obvious!

Mentioning Huawei P9, the world’s first Leica lens configured with a dual camera with two large pixel sensors, an RGB sensor, a black and white sensor, accompanying the Sony IMX286 1200 megapixel sensor with a pixel size of 1.25 microns.

iPhone 7 Plus Vs Huawei P9 Dual Camera Comparison

Meanwhile, iPhone 7 Plus is also equipped with a dual camera with wide angle, telephoto, each 12 megapixels, the aperture F1.8, and F2.8, respectively and 6P lens. Apple’s own ISP, supporting OIS optical image stabilization and 2x optical zoom (10x digital zoom).

On Weibo, @Mr Two Smartphones compared both terminals with the same scenes. Let’s see:

First (iPhone 7 Plus), Second (Huawei P9)
First (iPhone 7 Plus), Second (Huawei P9)

From the above pictures in the slider, in the particular environment (Glass Lamp, Flower Petals), iPhone 7 Plus performed better in iPhone 7 Plus Vs Huawei P9 Dual Camera Comparison. That is because iPhone 7 Plus is also a post-simulation, which processes images more in place as compared to Huawei P9.

First (iPhone 7 Plus), Second (Huawei P9)
First (iPhone 7 Plus), Second (Huawei P9)

In these pictures, Huawei P9 is clearly performance way better than iPhone 7 Plus. The P9 camera added more details, along with color representation which pleases the eye. This was probably because P9 can stimulate SLR lens flare effect and focuses better. So, both terminals have separate unique features, and each performs better than the other at specific places. That’s why:

Winner: None (It’s a tie)



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  1. i dont like the result. but iphone 7 plus clearly takes the cake here.. the p9’s pictures were too rough. no it wasn’t a tie. iphone won here. by miles.

    1. No my dear you must take it at all note at just one photo ,the second comparison exhibits more lights in photos of p9 and thats clear to everyone , may be you are i phone user thats why you cant believe cheaper phone rivaling iphone

      1. No no, “my dear”. That’s not “exhibit more light”. In actual photography terms, this is “too much contrast”. Photos that are too contrasty is something we can adjust with a photo editor. However, what we can’t adjust is the lost background, as in the vanished trees in the last picture. Also, the pictures above are much too shrunken to discern the small details. Disclaimer: like you, a pharmacist (who probably earn top dollars compared to me), I don’t have the money for an iPhone 7 Plus. I use whatever phone that I can afford. If I want to shoot good photos, I can always buy a good budget camera that does far more than any smart phone, Android or iOS. Don’t let your bias get in the way, but let the quality of the photos speak for themselves. In this case, the iPhone wins.

          1. It’s all up there on the photos as given by “@Mr??”. If you don’t see the photos on a big screen (in other words, any screen bigger than 6″), then it’s likely you wouldn’t tell the difference. Although a real photographer (not instagram addict) probably would.

      2. seriously u dunno nothing about photography. learn from basics… I mean real basics. it shows clearly that Huawei has the same result when u have a picture and a blurred tool from photoshop… and guess what you can adjust the pressure as well.. that is totally FAKE!
        It’s just so sad to see how Huawei can manipulate human’s eye with this totally unnatural effects.

      3. That is the dumbest and most subjective reply I’ve ever heard. Read my comment carefully and take your time to TRY to understand it. First of all the fact that I said that I didn’t like the result, clearly shows that subjectively I didn’t want iPhone to win because I have from the very start an avid Android user. But after viewing ALL (not just ONE as you have pointed out) the photos above, I can objectively decide that the iPhone had better overall final results. Don’t be fanboy, try to see things objectively. FYI, I use Xiaomi phones as my daily driver. But for work purposes I have actually used Huawei P9’s, P9 Lites, Galaxy S7’s, iPhone 7 Plus’ and other brands too, so I know purely from self experience which of them are better. Also what I don’t like about Huawei phone lineups is that they fail to consistently calibrate their image post-processing softwares across their different devices, just like Xiaomi. Another thing, to answer your statement “may be you are i phone user thats why you cant believe cheaper phone rivaling iphone”; I do respect the quality that mid-range phones bring to the table to offer alternatives to the masses and to rival the quality standards that are set by high-end phones offered by big names, that is one of the big reason I buy mid-range phones, because the technological gains that they apply to their devices month after month are incredibly fast. But when you talk about the Huawei P9 Dual Camera, your statement is not valid, at 600USD, that device is still considered high-end.

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