iPhone 7 leaks: That New Design Shocked Us

Our anticipating increases when we hear a leak about an upcoming gadget. That anticipation reaches to the skies, when it comes to iPhone 7 leaks, after all it’s Apple, you know. But friends, seriously this leak instead of increasing our excitement, will give us a huge shock.

In the yesterday’s conference of T2 hammer, the majority said that the design of iPhone 6S was ugly. So, for the next iPhone 7’s design and form, we expect Apple to improve this trough point. Now, in Taiwan’s “Business Times” obtained from the industry source says that iPhone shell foundry can again become a role model of science and technology after the release of iPhone 7.

In addition the report also mentioned:

iPhone 7 will provide a water resistant feature, and a new shell will be made from a new material. It also means that the big annoying antenna discharge will disappear. The company further exaggerates that this time Apple will provide double camera. Sadly, the 3.5 mm headphone jack has also been removed.

Seriously, a double camera? It seems too radical as Apple’s design is not consistent. And what’s the point of removing the 3.5 mm headphone jack? Well, previous iPhone 7 leaks suggested that the body thickness would be just 6.1 mm, so we better hope that they will solve out the dual camera outstanding issues, so that the iPhone 7 groove shape design is gone.

iPhone 7 leaks: design
The new design of iPhone 7

We now know that iPhone 7 will come in:

  • A new shell and design
  • 3 GB Ram
  • AMOLED screen and Sapphire Display  (a little doubt)
  • Screen size of 4.7 inches for iPhone 7 and 5.5 inches for iPhone 7 Plus
  • Waterproof feature and no 3.5 mm audio jack.

We hope that the new iPhone 7 would be free from the previous issues iPhone 6 had. This time Apple has shaken things with the design of iPhone 7. Let’s see what’s next for Apple? Stay tuned for more iPhone 7 leaks.



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  1. “It also means that the big annoying vaginal discharge will disappear.” WTF?

    I like everything about design this except for the “smart connector” prediction. Makes no sense. This will remain a lightning connector which will facilitate the removal of the 3.5 mm headphone port. The rounded edges are very attractive- makes the phone thinner without sacrificing durability. The only drawback is that the camera won’t be able to sit flush (will be angled up).

    1. Where did you get “vaginal discharge” from??

      And why do you continually post such utterly idiotic things? Are you 12?

      1. Well, there was a little bit problem in the translation. From Chinese to English. This was taken from mydrive news which was in Chinese. Sorry for that.

      2. It was written in the article you oblivious fuck. I was the only one who caught it before it was changed.

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