Intelligent Bicycle Direction Indicator Light Offered For Just $14.99

Your safety on the road always matters. Everyone understands that small thing can make all the difference. The bicycle direction indicator light is not only automatic, making it effortless to use, it’s also designed to be universal and affordable. Join us to take a closer look at this incredibly practical bike accessory.

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the design of intelligent bicycle direction indicator light

Intelligent bicycle direction indicator light overview

The best devices are the ones that provide essential functionality, are easy to use, and make life easier. Few products offer these requirements as comprehensively as the Intelligent Bicycle Direction Indicator. Easy to install right out of the box using the strap, this simple device is a versatile indicator light affixed to the rear of bicycles. Turn left and it will signal left, turn right and the signal becomes a right arrow. Similarly, if you apply the brakes and decelerate, all the red LED beads will form a square acting as a strong brake light. It really is that simple, and it’s incredibly effective because it’s 100% automatic thanks to the accelerometer.

the auto sensing of intelligent bicycle direction indicator light

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With a total output of 80 lumens of light and a wavelength of 400-750nm, the IR light provides a strong visual warning to drivers behind and around the bicycle. The bottom of the light also features a riding laser light, this has the effect of illuminating the underside of the bicycle to ensure drivers maintain a safe distance. The compact size allows the device to be attached to any frame, including both adult and child bikes. The LED lights are powered by a built-in rechargeable 1200mAh battery; simply top up the charge using the micro USB connector and never waste money on batteries again.

the 80 lumens of intelligent bicycle direction indicator lightthe battery of intelligent bicycle direction indicator light

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With its auto-sensing technology, this weather-proof indicator light is literally effortless to use with its automatic design. This excellent device scores full marks for convenience and practicality. And, with a super low price, no cyclist should leave home without it.

Product highlights

Compact, easy to fit and immensely functional, this essential bicycle accessory takes your road safety to the next level.

  • Easy to install with a durable design
  • Rechargeable 1200mAh battery (micro USB)
  • Automatic sensor: acceleration-deceleration– turn signal
  • Strong infrared light: 80 lumens output from 64 LED beads
  • Riding laser light to highlight safe separation distance

Why you should buy it

The intelligent bicycle direction indicator light is one of the most complete devices we have come across. It starts with a simple premise, is flawlessly implemented with technology, and ends up with a huge difference to every journey. Affordably priced at a mere $14.99 from GearBest, we have absolutely no hesitation in recommending this excellent accessory to all discerning cyclists.



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