(Coupon Deal) INMOTION V5F Electric Scooter: Balance Unicycle For Just $399.99

INMOTION V5F Electric Scooter is your perfect companion to go along with your riding needs. It can go up to 15mph (25km/h) Top Speed while you can travel up to 25-mile range (40km). More Power with 320Wh Battery and weight capacity up to 265lbs makes G2 / V5F a perfect fit. It has Larger 14″ Wheel to ride over (almost!) all surfaces and can climb up to 18° steep. Its Built-in pull handle and IP55 Weatherproof gives it an edge over other devices in the industry.

Buy INMOTION V5F Electric Scooter: Balance Unicycle For Just $399.99 

There is a connector for charging, power button, power indicator of battery life and flashlight. It is compact, stylish, fun, practical, integrated with a new folding handlebar will enable you to move your inmotion easier wherever you go, can move through tight spots.

The unique Inmotion V5F unicycle in white stands out with the large battery that allows you to ride it for up to 35km on just a single charge. Safety features include headlights and brake lights that ensure you’ll be visible, even while under the worst lighting conditions. The Inmotion V5F in white will appeal to anyone looking for comfort and safety in a slightly unconventional mode of transportation.

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The Inmotion V5F in white can bear passengers who weigh up to 120 kilograms. The maximum speed is 25 km/h and the maximum motor output reaches 550W. With the integrated handle and the wheel stop button, handling the Inmotion unicycle is a piece of cake. Its elegant and compact design makes it a great choice for anyone who appreciates fun modes of transportation. The Quick Launch button allows you to instantly use the Inmotion unicycle and the battery indicator will alert you in advance when the battery starts getting too low.

The Inmotion V5F unicycle in white is also equipped with front and rear headlights and rear brake lights for riding safely in the dark or poor lighting conditions. Also included is Bluetooth wireless technology, which lets you pair up the unicycle with your smart device using the free Inmotion App that you’ve installed. This allows you to track the maximum speed, average speed, distance traveled, battery capacity and much more.

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You should also be very careful about the connectors, water gets into such holes very quickly and even rubber plugs do not always save, high-quality waterproofing will help to avoid this problem. And the last element that is very “suffering” from moisture is the axis of the wheel. In the case of moisture on the axle, corrosion is immediately formed. It will disperse over all the motor elements of the monowheel and will interfere with their normal operation.

Having inherited the voice assistance from the V3 models and powerful front lights, the new InMotion offers a unique user experience spiced up with a superior road performance. INMOTION V5F Electric Scooter is now available on Gearbest just at $339.99 after using a Coupon Code: BV5FBW, for limited units, after flash sale price is $599.99.

Coupon Code: BV5FBW

Buy INMOTION V5F Electric Scooter For Just $399.99


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