INMOTION V10 Electric Balance Unicycle available at $1099.99 apply Coupon

The new Inmotion V10 Electric Balance unicycle is now available to purchase.

It is a single wheel unicycle which is also a challenge for people to balance on this. But on the other hand, it is also the new future of the balance scooter. It is just a start we will see many other similar scooters in the future.


Features of INMOTION V10

The new Inmotion V10 Electric Balance unicycle comes with the light. It is also called a warning light which provides the indication for cars at the night. The maximum speed of the unicycle is 40km/hr and the maximum degree is the gradient. The new gadget is for Adults and teenagers but the negativity is that the gadget does not come with the seat to sit on.


The maximum load that the unicycle can handle is around 120Kg and its own weight is 20.6000Kg. The wheel comes with the aluminum alloy frame to handle the 120Kg load. The interesting thing is that the Inmotion V10 Electric Balance unicycle supports the application which means you can download the application and scan the QR code for your unicycle. And another feature is that the Bluetooth function comes with the Bluetooth 4.0 is updated in the gadget to connect to the unicycle.



The battery of the new Inmotion V10 Electric Balance unicycle is 8500mAh, and 36V Battery. It helps the unicycle to achieve the distance of 35-40km mileage and 5-6 hours charging time.

Coupon: GBV10V10

The new Inmotion V10 Electric Balance unicycle is now available on a heavy discount if you are searching to buy the product use the coupon to achieve the highest discount.



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