Buy INMOTION L8F Electric Scooter: Smart Transport For Any Age, 35km Mileage, For Just $599.99

Today, with advanced technology, we grew up, just as you have. Still with a kick scooter start, the INMOTION L8F Electric Scooter motor automatically engages and the rider controls the speed with a right-handed throttle and braking with the left. if you want to buy you can just click the following button:

Buy INMOTION L8F Scooter For Just at $599.99


The InMotion L8F Electric Scooter takes Razor Scooter and kicks scooter riding to the next level. A 250-watt motor can zip you around town at 18 mph and can even take hills up to 15 degrees. Bright brake lights, powerful headlight and the ability to customize the front bar LED lights from handles down to the front wheel provide increased safety and sleek night riding. With the ability to set a speed limit in the InMotion App, the L8F electric scooter is great for both youth and adults.

While there may be more powerful eScooters with larger battery packs, a key design objective of the Inmotion L8F was to be extremely portable & practical for most people. At just above 25lb, picking it up to go up a flight of stair is not over burdensome, & the unique [patent-pending] folding handle-bar latch, also serves as a handle for wheeling it around with the trolley kit (included).

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The INMOTION L8F Electric Scooter is a true electric-powered personal transportation device that provides speed, stability, distance and few sweet little additions like a trolley handle for easy rolling behind you while not riding, and our personal favorite – customizable LED ambient lighting. Simply log in to the app, to control your LED lighting options or set a speed limit so inexperienced or younger riders can’t ride faster than their skill level. While considering your personal transportation needs, the L8F electric scooter can help you travel with ease and stability, all while enjoying the journey. See this great demonstration of the InMotion L8 electric scooter from 25KMH.

There is no On-Off switch on the L8F, by simply pushing off with one foot, the Dashboard screen will spring into life & the throttle control will respond to the touch. After 30 seconds of inactivity, the system will go into standby mode automatically. To complement the Scooter’s lighting scheme, at either end of the handle grips are the illuminated LEDs.

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The new Inmotion Bluetooth App gives you greater insights about the telemetry of your Scooter’s performance: exact battery & voltage information, trip odometer, current & average speeds. You can also change a number of parameters: KPH/MPH setting, turn on/off the headlights, & choose from one of nine default lighting schemes, or even Customize your own!

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Verdict & Buy

The INMOTION L8F Electric Scooter is an amazing little device. Can operate under its own power once pushed to start. Simple as kicking and going at the push of a lever. With the pull of a lever, the L8F folds, making it easy to transport. INMOTION L8F Electric Scooter is now available on Gearbest For Just at $599.00 On Flash Sale if you want to buy you can just click the following button:

Buy INMOTION L8F Scooter For Just at $599.99


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