INMOTION K1 4-wheel Electric Skateboard Slide Board Offered For $169.99

To create a new experience and bring new sensation, builders rely on innovation. This is the goal of the Inmotion K1 electric skateboard. This model sports a fairly powerful 150W motor and a Li-on 2.15Ah battery that provides a distance of 8 km. In order to control the electrical driving, Inmotion has integrated a foot support system.

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The INMOTION K1 4-wheel Electric Skateboard Slide Board is a 3.6Kg lightweight skateboard portable with handle design. It is the first electric skateboard, created by INMOTION team. lightness?small?portable, as a personal transporter company with you, also to be a stunning fascinating toy. It is also mbedded with a Strong shock absorption and wear resistance PU wheels! Application of 70mm high elasticity wheels enhances wear and crushing resistance. Safety and stability are improved significantly

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With the skateboard, one can enjoy the perfect combination of feet and skateboards. Standing on the left side of the board when it is turned on, place your right foot on the front of the board, kicking the floor by left foot to move forward and get a minimum certain speed of 4km/h, then placing your left foot on board sensor area to get persistent power-assist. It has 6 layers of Canadian maple and a layer of bamboo fiber. The footboard is made of 7 layers mixed board -the high-grade Canadian maple and bamboo fiber, with a high-tech process. Canadian maple has better elasticity and tenacity, produced by hot-pressing technology, Epoxy resin bonding, fully ensure the safety of riders but also with exquisite processing technics.

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Innovative sensor controlled, functioning without a remote control. Thin-film switch has the advantages of well-structured, good looking appearance and wonderful sealability etc, which at the same time with better ability to prevent from water, dust, oil and damp. They are generally more durable and last longer. An innovative combination of thin-film switch and electric skateboard creates a whole new way of skating. Free your hands, the only thing to do is enjoy the cheerful experience from the feet-board interactive

It sports huge power which comes from its small structure. The strong power of K1 comes from the brushless permanent magnet motor, which is built-in the rear wheel. It is small but it takes a crucial role of the part as a heart of K1.  It is customized with magnetic core coil and filled with imported coiled silicon steel sheet, to ensure the stable torque output. The best energy supported partner for the lightest skateboard. K1 is designed to be light and portable, nevertheless, decent performance is always Inmotion priority. A customized battery pack is equipped, Up to 5 times at the rate of sustained discharge, to guarantee a portable skateboard with strong enough power supported.

Where To Buy The INMOTION K1 4-wheel Electric Skateboard Slide

The INMOTION K1 4-wheel Electric Skateboard Slide is currently available on Gearbest for $169.99



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