India has become the second largest smartphone market in the World. The strongest player on the market is Xiaomi

CounterpointResearch has published newest statistics which unveil Xiaomi was the biggest smartphones reseller in 2019 in India. Also company has sold 5% more phones in YoY. The second biggest resseler of smartphones, Samsung has sold almost the same amount of phones like year before. On the other hand, we have to mention, that Samsung lost 3% on market share. You can look below on market share of the 5 biggest phone makers.

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Source: CounterpointResearch

Inidia is 2. largest smartphone market in the World

Published stats also says, India has become 2. largest smartphone market in the world. In numbers, across the India have been sold 158 milions smartphones what is 7% more YoY. From them, were 72% from Chinese manufacturers like Xiaomi, Vivo, Realme, etc..

Commenting on the market dynamics, Tarun Pathak, Associate Director, said:

 “Although the rate of growth for the smartphone market was only single digit for the first time on an annual basis, India is underpenetrated relative to many other markets; 4G penetration among subscribers being around 55%. Going forward, we expect this demand to grow further due to the ongoing transition from feature phones to smartphones and progressive diffusion of key smartphone features to the entry-level price tier as a result of hyper-competition among multiple players. We further expect brands to have multi-tier strategies involving partnerships in the mobile ecosystem from hardware, software and services, thus creating opportunities within different segments like entertainment, gaming, financial services and more.

Is it surprised?

For many people this result is not surprised. The India is the second one biggest country in the world with population ~ 1,34 billions people. The biggest smartphone market remain China.


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