In Xiaomi and Redmi phones with MIUI 11 you can finally use App Drawer

Look how you can change the classic list of application in Xiaomi and Redmi phones with MIUI 11 to App Drawer by few easy steps.

The first news about the new option to change the layout of the application list in MIUI 11 appeared in the middle of November 2019. Xiaomi in that time has allowed some users to change the application list, which was shown on the home screen to App Drawer. This new feature has been avaible just for CN version of smartphones. Now it has changed. You can see below tutorial how to change the list of application from the home screen to App drawer by

How to change visualisation of list of applications in MIUI 11

How you can see below, the instruction how to change it is very simple. You have to need the newest version of MIUI Launcher (ALPHA- which you can download from servers.
After instal new version of MIUI Launcher you have to go to Settings > Home screen. You can see it on screenshots below.

After you have to open “Home screen” and switch from “Regular” to “With App drawer”.

MIUI_11 how to change app drawer_1

It is done. Now if you go on Home screen, you can open new App drawer with pulling fingers from bottom of the display. How does it look, you can see below.

By the way, how you can see, new App drawer has more section. In the frist card you can see list of the all applications. On  the other cards you can see other section like Communication, Photograhy, etc. If you do not like this section, you can manage them in Settings of Launcher. You have to click in App drawer on three lines in the corner of display. After, in section Manage app categories you can turn of them, switch between them, etc.


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