iLife V8S vs Alfawise V8S: Different Cleaners With The Same Name

Recently, in the market, two new smart robotic vacuum cleaners appeared with identical names. Many who are not aware of what’s happening in this field were thinking they are the same products promoted differently. But the truth is they are quite different products, coming our way from different brands. One of them is made by Chuwi, while the second one comes our way from Alfawise. So we decided to compare the iLife V8S and the Alfawise V8S in order to understand whether their identical names also mean they provide the same performance.

For this, we have chosen a few aspects. As you guess, all those features are vital for any smart cleaner.

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iLife V8S vs Alfawise V8S: Cleaning

First, the iLife V8S comes with two side brushes and a suction. All top-end models from this category come with a similar design. Moreover, besides the 750ml dust box, there is a separate water tank with a capacity of 300ml. As you guess, this model supports wet mopping. At the same time, it has a maximum suction power of 1300pa, which is sufficient to clean the room’s floor from hair, dust, etc.

iLife V8s

At last, the iLife V8S supports up to six cleaning modes:

  • Automatic cleaning mode
  • Edge cleaning mode
  • Spot concentration cleaning mode (for the focused area)
  • Reservation cleaning mode (for setting a cleaning mode)
  • Path Programmed cleaning
  • Max Higher suction level

As for the Alfawise V8S, it supports only suction, sweeping, and vacuum. There is no wet mopping function. Moreover, its dust box capacity is 350ml only. What’s more important, the suction power is identical to its rival. Both work at the maximum 65dB noise level. Seems it yields a little in terms of cleaning, but we should mention this model comes with a 19.1cm long roller brush, the longest in the industry and the best one clearance rate. It’s targeted to deal with a variety of dust on different grounds and deep clean the floor gap.

Alfawise V8s

It also supports all the abovementioned cleaning methods/paths. But what’s disappointing, both models do not support virtual wall function.

iLife V8S vs Alfawise V8S: Performance and Moving

The iLife V8S’ Road Rover wheels can easily climb 15-degree slopes and overcome most obstacles. It works accurately and stable, smart planned cleaning system instantly corrects cleaning path, achieving maximum coverage in less time. Smart sensors avoid stairs and drop-offs. As for mopping especially, the iLife V8S adopts i-move mopping system. In mopping mode, the V8S moves forward in a 23x23ft area, creating a blocked off area behind it. That makes the iLife V8S an efficient and methodical dry and wet cleaner. Due to the professional anti-collision system, it will protect furniture better than other systems. The IR sensors will detect edges and avoid falling down stairs, and it will avoid the obstacles and change direction automatically. But thanks to the 8.1cm height, it can reach all the ‘dark’ corners of your room … and clean.

iLife V8s

With the award-winning and upgraded i-Dropping system, the iLife V8S has precise control over the amount of water dropping for hard floor mopping, preventing floor and cable damages. One of the most attractive upgraded features of this cleaner is the multi-task scheduling. Now you can program when and how the cleaner should do its job.

There is an LCD display on the top, showing various information concerning the battery, date, time, cleaning mode, etc. As you guess, the iLife V8S can be controlled manually (by the mechanical keys on the top) and remotely. The latter supports up to 4m.

iLife V8s

At last, the iLife V8S is packed with a 2500mAh battery, which is sufficient to work for 120 minutes. But you should also learn that it’s fully charged in 5-6 hours. Once the battery power approaches to the critical level, it will automatically find the charger and travel to it for charging.

The Alfawise V8S can climb obstacles with 1.5cm height. This cleaner uses Dual SLAM system. The latter combines intelligent gyroscope navigation + PSD positioning sensor application for precise positioning and comprehensive planning. In the actual use, the cleaner moves around the entire house zigzag while avoiding obstacles. So no areas will be ignored and no repetitive work will be done. As for the second feature of PSD, it measures the distance and position to realize a real-time mapping. Honestly, this is the selling point of this robotic vacuum cleaner.

Alfawise V8s

Of course, the Alfawise V8S also comes with the anti-drop system and an anti-collision bumper, which not only saves the furniture but also the cleaner itself. The Alfawise V8S has a height of 8cm. So it can clean under the furniture as well.

Alfawise V8s

It is also packed with a 2600mAh battery, which is enough to continuously work for 90-120 minutes. And it will travel to the charging base to charge automatically, when in low power.


As we can see each of these products has its own advantages and disadvantages. Say, the iLife V8S can boast of a wet mopping function and an LCD screen. But the Alfawise V8S comes with a SLAM algorithm, found on such cleaners as the Xiaomi Roborock Sweep One. Moreover, their price tags differ a lot. While the Alfawise V8S is available at around $150, the iLife V8S costs around $300. That’s because, for mopping, it needs another smart technology. So everything is balanced.


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