Ilife V8S Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with LCD Display now available for $299.99

Ilife Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with LCD Display

It is quite obvious that we always want a short way out when it comes to domestic chores. That’s why we are trying to bring gadgets to help in carrying out any home task. This gadget is basically for the cleaning of the floors in the homes, offices etc. Ilife is a well-known name in the Robotic Vacuum Cleaner manufacturing industry and it has several models. Some of them cost a fortune. However, those who have used a product from this manufacturer attest that ILife smart cleaners are among the best when it comes to the price-over-performance ratio. Now there is an Ilife Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with LCD Display, which is effective, affordable, and it is one the best robot cleaner for hard floors. We are talking of the Ilife V8S Robotic Vacuum Cleaner which is a must buy for every household. As for now, the Ilife V8S Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with LCD Display is offered at $249.99, which is a great offer.

Regardless of the fact of how amazing the Ilife V8S Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is, you still need to learn some key features.  This is one robot with two cleaning patterns, which are cleaning and mopping. It has 750ML Super large dustbin which makes the device more efficient. The rugged Road Rover wheels can easily climb 15 slopes and overcome most obstacles. The Ilife V8S Robotic Vacuum Cleaner can clean and mop dust, grimes and stains which might be hidden in the kitchen and other large spaces.  It also has six cleaning modes which suit different needs. It comes with Auto mode for cleaning automatically, Edge mode for corners and edges, Spot mode to focus on a particular area, and Schedule mode for setting a cleaning plan. It is accurate, stable and also has a smart planned cleaning system to achieve maximum coverage in less time. The Ilife V8S vacuum cleaner has smart sensors that avoid stairs and drop-offs. Thus it is able to navigate over thicker rugs and larger gaps with ease.

Ilife Robotic Vacuum Cleaner has an Updated pet hair care system that enhances the suction strength. It also has a self-adjusting suction mouth which effectively improves the cleaning performance on picking up pet hairs on the hard floor. This gadget also has an i-dropping smart mopping system. With a precise control over the amount of water dropping for a hard floor for mopping, the Ilife V8S prevents floor and cable damages. It also has a
multi-task programmable schedule system with easy operation which allows it to clean any time of day.

Where To Buy The Ilife Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

The Ilife Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is currently available on Gearbest for $299.99



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