ILIFE V5S Pro Robotic Vacuum Cleaner: Review

Intelligent Vacuum Cleaner

ILIFE V5S Pro Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is a model of a robotic vacuum cleaner from the Chinese company Chuwi, which will interest any busy person who is keen to keep cleanliness in the house.

ILIFE V5S Pro Robotic Vacuum Cleaner design

Robots, vacuum cleaners are getting smarter every year and getting better at cleaning. They already can find independently the docking station for recharging, to scan a room, to go around obstacles and build cleaning routes. But not all models support the turbo mode, which allows to clean the room even faster and more efficiently without increasing the noise level. This is the function that makes the ILIFE V5S Pro Robotic Vacuum Cleaner stand out from the rest.

A modern robot vacuum cleaner can clean the room even if there is no owner in it. At the end of the work, it will go to the base for recharging.

ILIFE V5S Robotic Vacuum Clenaer charge

In our review article, you can find the description of the package, external and operational characteristics of ILIFE V5S Pro Robotic Vacuum Cleaner.

A full package of the ILIFE V5S Pro Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

ILIFE V5S Pro Robotic Vacuum Cleaner comes in a paper box.

ILIFE V5S Pro Robotic Vacuum Cleaner full package

Inside the box, there is a

  • A vacuum cleaner,
  • Container for collecting dry debris
  • Container for wet cleaning
  • Duster cloth
  • Rags of microfiber – 2 pcs
  • Spare brushes 2 pcs
  • Replacement filter for fine dust particles
  • Instructions in Chinese and English languages
  • Remote control
  • Charger
  • Brush for cleaning the vacuum cleaner

User guide

The user’s manual is included with the purchase of the ILIFE V5S Robotic vacuum cleaner, but it is written only in Chinese and English. Information in the manual is standard: there is a description of the design, performance, functions of the robot, an explanation of the use and maintenance of the device.

Design of the ILIFE V5S Pro Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

ILIFE V5S Pro Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is designed in a traditional robotic vacuum cleaner design.

ILIFE V5S Pro Robotic Vacuum Cleaner look

This model has two modes of operation – like a vacuum cleaner, and like a scrubber. For different purposes, different reservoirs are placed in the body. In the case of a vacuum cleaner, there is a regular dust collector. As a scrubber, there is a water tank, from which it is dripped to the nozzle with a rag. On the assurances of the Chinese manufacturers, a 300 ml water tank is enough for cleaning a room of up to 180 m².

ILIFE V5S Pro Robotic Vacuum Cleaner dust bag

ILIFE V5S Pro Robotic Vacuum Cleaner bag

A special dispenser prevents the appearance of puddles on the floor.

Also, it can:

  • To vacuum in the standard mode
  • Vacuum around the perimeter of the apartment (along with the walls)
  • Do an intensive cleaning on a specific area

The vacuum cleaner is controlled by the remote control: you can set the area and time for automatic cleaning. Built-in battery lasts up to 2 hours. With a low charge, the vacuum cleaner returns to the docking station on its own. Later we will discuss the functions of the remote control in details.

The ILIFE V5S Pro Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is equipped with sensors for orientation within the apartment. With their help, it can determine if there is somewhere at a height or in front a massive high obstacle, such as curtains. Therefore, you can safely leave it in a private house to clean the second floor without fear that you will be met by debris at the foot of the stairs.

ILIFE V5S Pro Robotic Vacuum Cleaner side

Also, there are included: a remote control, a floorcloth with a holder, two replaceable tanks, replaceable filters, brushes, a charging base and batteries with printed products (user manual, warranty, etc.).

ILIFE V5S Pro Robotic Vacuum Cleaner details


ILIFE V5S Pro Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Brush for cleaning

ILIFE V5S Pro Robotic Vacuum Cleaner brush

Replaceable filters

ILIFE V5S Pro Robotic Vacuum Filters

To collect and disassemble the vacuum cleaner is quite simple. Just open the lid and replace the container. Note that there is a corresponding PUSH inscription on the body. Pressing it will open the lid.

ILIFE V5S Pro Robotic Vacuum Cleaner open lid

Charging ILIFE V5S Pro Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

During rest and charging the ILIFE V5S Pro Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is moved to the base. However, you can redirect it to the base using the control panel as well. You will notice a special button on the control panel.
Charging takes several hours.  A full charge is enough for about a half to two hours of cleaning, after which the robot will go to recharge.

ILIFE V5S Pro Robotic Vacuum Cleaner charger

Remote control

Using remote control you can not only select the cleaning operation modes and send the vacuum cleaner for charging, but also control its movements during the cleaning process. 

You can control those processes as well:

  • How to start, and finish the work of the vacuum cleaner
  • Turn it to the left/right
  • Order to pass it clearly on the perimeter of the room
  • Make a circle on the spot (my recent discovery: during dry cleaning the vacuum cleaner passes one time on a small radius and goes further along its route. However,  during the wet cleaning it goes on a small route, then large, again on a large and again on a small and so on until you tell it to stop)
  • Set time for cleaning
  • Send it to recharging

ILIFE V5S Pro Robotic Vacuum Cleaner remote control1

You can charge the ILIFE V5S Pro Robotic Vacuum Cleaner not only giving the order with the remote control but also directly by connecting the wire to the vacuum cleaner using the connector on the side where it has a power button.

ILIFE V5S Pro Robotic Vacuum Cleaner from side

The Functionality of ILIFE V5S Pro Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

ILIFE V5S Pro Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is capable of cleaning the room in the following three main modes:

  •  Automatic mode until the battery is completely discharged: the movement as a whole is chaotic, the vacuum cleaner chooses the trajectory of the motion, proceeding from the features of the room.
  • The spot cleaning mode (local/global): during that mode, the ILIFE V5S Pro Robotic Vacuum Cleaner moves along a spiral trajectory in a given area of the room, which has a small space.
  • Cleaning the room around the perimeter: when the robot reaches the wall, the robot starts to move around the edge only, cleaning the garbage along the skirting boards and from the corners.

Also, from the infra-red control panel, you can schedule cleaning and specify a certain time for the automatic launch of ILIFE V5S Pro Robotic Vacuum Cleaner.

Advantages and disadvantages

Summing up, we would like to list the pros and cons of ILiFE V5S Robotic Vacuum Cleaner.


1. Modern design and small body dimensions.
2. The maneuverability of obstacles (the cleaner rides even on the most fluffy carpets).
3. Powerful battery.
4. The presence of sensors: sensors against failing and collisions with pieces of furniture.
5. Remote control with batteries included.
6. Equipped with a soft bumper.
7. Separate water tank.
8. Planning for cleaning.
9. Double filtration system.
10. Increased suction power.

The main disadvantages of the robot vacuum cleaner:

1. The absence of a soap limiter in the package.
2. Small suction opening.
3. There is no automatic water supply to the napkin.
4. The function of working on the schedule is not fully realized; planning is carried out only for one day.

Our conclusion

Overall, we are very satisfied with ILIFE V5S Pro Robotic Vacuum Cleaner.  It perfectly laundered in the winter all traces of melted dirty snow, and when put on a local regime, it travels around the house and removes everything.  While supporting the turbo mode, the robotic vacuum cleans the room faster and more efficiently than its competitors. Moreover, this function does not increase the noise level. You can start by cleaning the house even when everybody is sleeping.

In conclusion, I want to say that if you doubt whether you need it or not, the answer is simple – DO NOT HESITATE. It’s worth it. Especially if you have pets or just haven’t got much time for house cleaning. An indispensable assistant will help you save a lot of time, and keep the house clean always.

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