iGPSPORT Wireless GPS Cycling Computer Odometer Offered For Just $90.99

It’s rare to see cyclists riding without a cycle computer on their handlebars these days. A cycle computer will enrich your ride by keeping a record of where you have been to,  when you ride and how fast in speed. The iGPSPORT iGS20E Wireless GPS Cycling Computer features in the precise positioning system and long battery endurance, giving you a better experience

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The iGPSPORT iGS20E Wireless GPS Cycling Computer Odometer display speed, average speed, max speed, time, distance, temperature and altitude, trip time, date, etc. in data instantly. With this, you can clearly see that the device would be a very good buy for a cyclist. Whether professional or a normal cyclist, this device would be of great help to you as it would display the speed you are on and help you to be safety conscious.

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The device after recording data would automatically upload the data to your computer or website for analysis. The device automatically bright screen turn on/off when sunrise or sunset. This features would help to conserve the battery of the device It is IPX6 waterproof certified which means all the body of the device is waterproof, and whether it’s rainy or sunny, you can rock you GPS body allows for rainy day riding. The Cycling Cycle Bicycle GPS is Easy to install onto the handlebar with the mount and O-rings provided.

Main Features:

  • GPS Rapid Positioning
    Fast location, usually time to get GPS 3D Fix is 30s – 2min for cold start, and 5s – 45s for hot start.
  •  Real-time Data
    Speed, average speed, max speed, time, riding time, date, trip distance, calorie, total distance, gradient, temperature, altitude.
  • Long Battery Life
    Battery time of endurance is up to 25 hours (without backlight), convenient for outdoor use.
  • Storage Data
    Support more than 90 hours of data storage.
  • LED Screen
    3.0 x 3.8cm anti-glare LED screen, visible in the sunlight, convenient to read the value.
  • Waterproof IPX6
    Regardless of the weather. (For best use, please remove it from heavy rain.
  • Data Analysis
    Fit format files, can be uploaded to computer or website for analysis.

Where To Buy The iGPSPORT iGS20E Wireless GPS Cycling Computer Odometer

The iGPSPORT iGS20E Wireless GPS Cycling Computer Odometer is currently available on Gearbest for $90.99



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