Iflight Nazgul5 review: A perfect Quadcopter which gives you superb high top viewing experience

Nazgul5: A quadcopter which gives everything you need and gives you best sky views with best compatible radio

In this technology-based world when you are YouTuber, blogger or traveler and want to show your viewers great high top views or want to see something great by shooting from drones than Iflight Nazgul5 227mm 6S 5 inch FPV racing drone is only for you which gives everything you need in a quadcopter with good compatible battery life and radio compatibility.

Iflight Nazgul 5 227mm 5inch FPV racing drone BNF(bind and fly)/PNP(plug and play) comes in two variants as 4s with 2750KV and 6s with 1700KV  voltage version which costs 151$ only(during sale period) with free worldwide shipping.

The BNF version offers just FrSky beneficiaries (perfect if you have a Taranis transmitter): truth be told, you can pick between FrSky R-XSR and Frsky XM+ beneficiary. Else, you can pick the PNP variant (without recipient) so you can outfit the iFlight Nazgul5 with your favored beneficiary (for instance, if you have a FlySky transmitter you can utilize the Flysky X6B 2.4G 6CH I-BUS PPM PWM Receiver for AFHDS, which is generally preferable).

nazgul 5


The camera is a 2.1mm Caddx Ratel 1200 TVL and an optional cord to change the setup is included(when the port is not easy to reach and plug-in). The FPV camera is mounted on TPU so it is conceivable to fit a smaller scale camera there. The quality is entirely great and there isn’t such a great amount of commotion in the video feed.



The Iflight Nazgul5 is an Xframe with 5mm arms which are associated separately to the center point of the frame. There are so many TPU parts covering the uncovered segments of the setup (for instance, toward the finish of each arm to secure engines if there should be an occurrence of an accident).


The Nazgul5 comes with XING-E 2207 1700KV motor @in 6s which is more easy to preferable as they are smooth-running motors and 4s with 2740KV. Also, the 5140 3-blade props included are lightweight and they are only an ideal choice with the motor.

ESC, FC, and VTX stack

45A ESCs have an outer 220uF 35V capacitor to deal with voltage spikes (smoothing voltage), to reduce the approaching noise to the flight controller and the video feed. Besides the FC is delicately mounted to reduce gyro sound originating from outline vibrations originated from running motor. Turning out from the stack, kept set up by TPU support, there are 12AWG wires jointed with an XT60 connector to connect the LiPo battery.

The FC is the SucceX-E F4 and it comes flashed with Betaflight 4.0.4.

One thing to remember that in Betaflight the quadcopter is designed to have “props out” rather than the most widely recognized turn arrangement (“Motor course is switched” is dynamic). It is likewise necessary to activate AIR MODE in the “Setup” tab generally the engines will stop turning at zero throttles.


VTX is FORCE VT5804 V2 and has smart sound control to change power levels and channels, so it is easy to adjust everything through the OSD as opposed to using the button on the VTX itself. It interfaces with the iFlight doom radio wire through a tail like MMCX connector. It has additionally joined the microphone for the sound.


The battery is not included in this drone as you have to buy separately so that you can use it as you want. If you want to buy a battery for 6S then GNB 1100mAh 6S 130C. If you want to buy for 4S then a good choice will be TATTU 1550mAh 14.8V 75C 4S1P Lipo Battery.

If you want to pick between a silicon or foam cushion to mount the battery then the silicon one is most likely better as it offers a great grip to it. As it is a smart thought to utilize both the battery straps to keep them securely set up.


Full 3K Carbon Fiber airframe

5? form fits well known 5.1? style propellers

Furnished with XING-E engines and NAZGUL 5140 props

Simple arm swaps – swap arms by expelling just 1 screw!

Trending True-X arrangement

Fits both 30.5x and 20x stacks

A motor guard on the finish of the arms to ensure the engine during an accident


  • Brand Name: iFlight
  • Model: Nazgul5
  • Thing Name: 227mm SucceX-EF4 Freestyle FPV Racing Drone
  • Voltage Version: 1800KV @ 6S
  • Automaton Type: BNF/PNP
  • Wheelbase: 227mm
  • Weight: 362g (without battery)
  • Fundamental Flight Controller: SucceX-E F4
  • ESC: 45A 2-6S BLheli_S DShot600 4In1 ESC
  • Engine: XING-E 2207 1800KV
  • Propeller: FLIGHT NAZGUL 5140 3-Blade Prop
  • Receiver: FrSky XM+ Receiver/FrSky R-XSR Receiver only in BNF version
  • Camera: Caddx Ratel Camera 1200 TVL Starlight HDR Sensor, 8m/s ultra-low inertness
  • FPV Transmitter: 0/25/100/200/400/600mW 5.8 GHz movable recurrence 48CH with IRC convention
  • Battery: Recommended 1300-1800mAh 6S (all variant doesn’t Include battery)

Package contains

    • iFlight Nazgul5 227mm FPV Drone 4S/6S
    • 2 x Battery strap
    • 4 x NAZGUL 5140 CW Propeller
    • 4 x NAZGUL 5140 CCW Propeller
    • iFlight doom Antenna
    • iFlight stickers

Get it on 11 November over here  at very low cost

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