IFA 2018: Presentation of the second generation of the Lenovo Yoga Book

We continue with the most important presentations of IFA 2018. Now it is the turn of the new generation of a popular and original PC of the Chinese company Lenovo. The Lenovo Yoga Book and its peculiar dual-screen book look come with enhanced features!

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In practice, a double screen design in a laptop is not so simple to make it true and takes years of development, to perfect it is necessary a process of evolution. That is when the Asian brand slightly changes the formula with compared to its previous model and presents a highly innovative result.

IFA 2018 - Lenovo Yoga Book (c930)

Laptops double screen

Lenovo is not the only one that has entered into this “new world” of laptops with second screens instead of a keyboard. Since time ago, we have seen other worthy representatives such as the Acer Iconia of 2011, or the prototype of the Project Precog by Asus released this year. It is possible that this is the future of mobile phones if the folding screens achieve the expected popularity.

IFA 2018 - Lenovo Yoga Book (c930)

Think about it, maybe writing on a screen keyboard is not the best idea for many of you. And that is the problem of the previous models. This feature is not very well accepted by users. Writing on a large, polished glass surface with little or no tactile response can be quite frustrating. The Lenovo Yoga Book replaces the lower screen with an E Ink keyboard with touch function. That is, the input of characters is done through a more specialized device, a better digital traction on the matte screen, a faster response than its predecessor and an improved battery life.

IFA 2018 - Lenovo Yoga Book (c930)

Let’s see the new Lenovo Yoga Book at the IFA 2018!

As we mentioned before, the second generation Lenovo Yoga Book (model C930) has in it, technology to improve the keyboard. However, this action has a negative effect on the use of the second screen. The lower screen can not be used as a secondary or extended Windows screen, and it loses some flexibility in tools and widgets that can replace the keyboard. Among the uses that can be given to the E Ink screen is read-only; being currently compatible with PDF files.

IFA 2018 - Lenovo Yoga Book (c930)

Among other things, the keyboard adds multiple languages and design support, as well as a touch panel that can appear only when necessary. The main screen comes with a resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels. Also included an active Wacom pen with a magnetic body attachment and Dolby Atmos support. Their versions will vary between an Intel Core m5 and an Intel Core I5. We will see it from October, whose prices will start from $999.

IFA 2018 - Lenovo Yoga Book (c930)

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