The best price for the I7S Wireless BT – a pair of hands-free headphones with high-quality sound for just €9.99 [+Coupon]

With the passage of time the technologies have been advancing, the daily life has become more complicated and consequently, it has increased in difficulty to get a moment to relax and just listen to some music. But now you can be quietly anywhere and hear all the music you want with the help of the I7S Wireless BT, an impressive hands-free headset that offers an amazing quality of stereo and that can also be taken anywhere without any problem, thanks to its revolutionary features and a combination with an incredible price that make it a pretty recommendable option for anyone who wants to always have their music at hand.

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The best quality without ties – Features of the I7S Wireless BT Headphones

Design & Appearance

The I7S Wireless BT Headphones has a super lightweight design that allows an easy transport. It also has a wide variety of pads specially designed to fit the user’s ear. It comes in a black presentation, but can also be found in white, these headphones have dimensions of 3.5 x 2.5 x 1.5cm, the weight of the package is 100g.

I7S Wireless BT Design

As we refer to the Mini version of the headphones, these also include a slightly oval white charging base in which we can insert the headphones for recharging them. Later we will talk about this feature.


When talking about the I7S Wireless BT you should not miss the fact that they have a stereo sound system which offers a better distribution of the song. Thanks to its stereo audio transmission A2DP / AVRCP combined with a protocol of remote control, you will enjoy one of the best experiences in music.

I7S Wireless BT Charge

Not satisfied with this the headphones also has a circuit that allows the elimination of external noises, creating a much more immersive and cleaner experience for the user.

As the name suggests, these headphones work wirelessly via Bluetooth. In this case, they work with 4.2 + EDR Bluetooth. Also, they use a frequency of 2.4GHz and have a distance of use of up to 10 meters.

I7S Wireless BT Connectivity

At a more technical level, these have an impedance of 32Ohm and an output power of 30mW, with a sensitivity of –42dB.

Another special feature is that these headphones can be used to answer and hang calls like any device with wires, but bringing comfort to another level.


The battery is a very important feature when considering wireless headphones, and the I7S Wireless BT Headphones look for a good balance that does not greatly increase the size of them. In this way, the battery has a capacity of 65mAh, which is calculated to last for approximately 100 hours on StandBy or up to 8 hours playing music. In addition, it will only take 2 hours to recharge it, thanks to the special charging base that will also be used to store them when they are not used.

I7S Wireless BT Battery

Price & Availability

After making it clear that the I7S Wireless BT is a high-quality device for a very low price it is necessary to mention that if you are interested in them you can purchase them through CAFAGO for only €9.99. However, we must remember that this price will only be possible if the discount coupon we offer at the bottom of the promotion is applied.


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