i500 TWS 2 Gen Wireless AirPods offered at just $29.99!

Ultimately the best price for i500 TWS Wireless Earbuds

The i500 TWS AirPods clone is the ultimate replica of the 2nd generation AirPods. Airpods have very quickly become one of the most important and trending Truly Wireless Earbuds. No wonder there are just so many clones competing to break the market of the Apple AirPods. Guess what! We’ve reached a point that these Clones have somehow become better than the Original AirPods.

I just came across this amazing deal on DHGate for the i500 TWS being sold at just $29.99. This is by far the best price being put on these Earbuds. Anyways should you buy them? Are these i500 TWS really that good? Let me just walk you through literally everything new about these i500 TWS AirPods clone.

Is the i500 TWS AirPods clone as good as the original Apple AirPods?

The price is a big win for the i500 TWS AirPods Clone. If you tend to buy the original AirPods Gen 1 which costs you around $159, you might have to spend another $100 for the wireless charging bin. Or even if you opt for the 2nd gen original AirPods it’s going to cost you somewhere around $170 – $200. I honestly don’t feel good about spending $200 on an Apple AirPods. That’s why I personally adore the AirPods Clone. They don’t cost you more than 50 bucks and offer you almost the same experience as the Original Apple AirPods. Right now purchasing them on DHGate is just going to cost you $29.99. This could be the ultimate price slash on the i500 TWS AirPods.

You also get the same ergonomics and the design as the Original AirPods even with the i500 TWS AirPods clone. The same exterior design is almost the same as the original Apple AirPods.

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Like I already said, the i500 TWS is shipped with a wireless charging case. The main advantage is, of course, the seamless and relentless methodology of powering up your Earbuds. Which means you can even power them up with reverse wireless charging in-case your smartphone offers it. Further, you’re also shipped with the lightning cable through which it takes around 2-2.5 hrs to fully juice-up. There is also an LED indicator on the charging bin, which indicates the charging status./p>

What about the amazing H1 Chip on the Original Apple AirPods?

More than the exteriors or design-aspects, its lot more about the internals with the i500 TWS AirPods Clone. You get this super big battery that can offer 3.5-4 hours of music playback. And this time around improved H1 Chip. Yes, this is so impressive considering that these are just AirPods Replicas. The manufacturers of the cloned AirPods have gone one step ahead to bring you the exact experience as the original apple AirPods.

Having an improved H1 Chip means you’re going to get seamless connection. Yes! Also, you get the pop-up animation which will indicate your battery status on your smartphone. Further, the i500 TWS comes with some accelerometers and proximity sensors for in-ear detection. That is you can pause and play the track just by plugging in and out the earbuds.

What is so new about the i500 TWS?

  • Improved H1 chip, with better connection stability.
  • Improved Bass.
  • pop-up window, showing the battery status.
  • Wireless charging.
  • Touch Control.

Best Price on the i500 TWS AirPods:

Currently the i500 TWS AirPods is going on an ultimate sale price of just $29.99 on DHGate. If you feel that the i500 TWS AirPods can become your next True Wireless Earbuds then go ahead and click the following button. Also, do let us know your thoughts and views about the i500 AirPods Clone on the comments section below.

BEST PRICE: $29.99


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