i200 TWS vs i100 TWS AirPods – Which is worth buying?

Which is a better AirPods Clone?

The clone market is thriving more than ever, not just in terms of the number of clones in the market, but also in terms of all the features they now provide. Each new version is a step-up from the last, and they have definitely caught up to provide the entire Airpods experience for very low prices. The first clone to provide the complete experience was the i100 TWS, and it now has a successor, the i200 TWS. But in this battle of super-clones, between the i200 TWS vs i00 TWS, who wins?

Which is the Best AirPods Clone you can buy? i200 TWS AirPods or the i100 TWS AirPods?

i200 TWS vs i100 TWS AirPods Clone: The specs

i200 TWS AirPods i100 TWS AirPods
Bluetooth Distance:
150-190 Foot
150-190 Foot
Music Playback:
2.5-3.5 Hours + 24 Hours with Charging Bin
2-3 Hours
4 Days
100 Hours

Is it worth buying the i200 TWS AirPods over the i100 TWS?

The i200 is by far the most accurate replica of the Original Apple Airpods 2. Drawing some basic outline of this comparison:

  • i100 TWS costs just $19.99 whereas the i200 TWS costs over $38.99
  • Both the i100 TWS and the i200 TWS has in-ear detection sensors powered by the latest H1 Chip.
  • The i200 TWS supports wireless charging whereas the i100 doesn’t.
  • Both the i100 TWS and the i200 TWS has in-ear detection sensors powered by the latest H1 Chip.

Now these are the basic differences you might have figured by comparing the specs. We’ve further done some in-depth testing. Read further on to know more and make the right decision of choosing the best AirPods clone between – i200 TWS vs i100 TWS.

Does the design compare to the Apple Airpods?

Yes, it most certainly does. The (in)famous Airpods design that has now become a fashion statement and a status symbol more than anything is inspired by Apple’s very popular Earpods. The Airpods feature the same in-ear design with a long stem that truly provides for the best microphone experience. This design has been copied by many of Apple’s competitors now, like by Xiaomi for the AirDots Pro, by Honor for their Flypods, and even by music gurus like Skullcandy for their Indy Truly Wireless Earphones.

So, of course, the clone market has to nail the design, and it almost always has. The i100 TWS and the i200 TWS absolutely hit home when it comes to the structure, the colour, the feel, and the lightness of the Airpods. They look and feel premium, as do their cases. The earphones themselves look extremely identical, with the same grills and the same size. There are a few differences overall, though. The case of the i100 TWS, for example, is noticeably lighter than both the original Airpods as well as the i200 TWS.

The i100 TWS does not have the text on the back. On the other hand, the button on the i200 TWS is placed in the centre of the case as opposed to the lower side like on the original case. This is, of course, a very minute difference. Another difference is that neither cases feature the frosted hinge as the Airpods 2 does. The case hinge is also less snappy than on the original case and might feel a little shaky, especially on the i100 TWS.

Overall, however, the i100 TWS is the perfect clone of the first-gen of the Airpods, while the i200 TWS takes more after the second-gen with the LED light placement, even though both have wireless charging.

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Alright, but does it connect as easily as the Airpods? – i200 TWS vs i00 TWS

Once again, the answer is yes. Well, almost. Both the i100 TWS and the i200 TWS connect to an iPhone with the same pop-up animation that the Airpods do, which is an extremely neat feature. It makes the pairing process truly breezy, and it would definitely have been a deal-breaker if the clones did not come with this facility. The entire process is exactly the same as with the Airpods. The pop-up, however, does take noticeably longer to appear versus the Airpods. The i200 TWS is not much of an improvement in this department when compared to the i100 TWS.

After pairing, both clones also allow for the battery percentages to be seen, just like in the original Airpods pop-up. You can also check the battery in the “Batteries” widget on your iPhone.

Speaking of, how does the battery life compare?

The battery life is perhaps the only area when the clones don’t match up to the originals by a long shot. With the case, Airpods have a 24-hours life, with 4-5 hours of uninterrupted music playback and up to 3 hours of talk time on a single charge of the earphones. You can use both earpieces individually or as stereo, and the case can power them in 15 minutes for an additional 3 hours of listening time.

The i100 TWS is way behind in this sector. It enables only 1.5-3 hours of listening time at most (depending upon your usage), although the standby time is a whopping 100 hours. You can also use them as mono or stereo, but the clones do not allow for quick-charge. On the other hand, the i200 TWS is an improvement from this. It allows for 4-5 hours of listening time, and up to 6 hours of talk-time. The standby remains the same, but quick-charge is still not available on the clones.

Advantage: i200 TWS AirPods Clone

Then, is it as convenient as the iconic Airpods experience?

What makes the Airpods so iconic is their easy connectivity process and their in-ear detection feature. The Airpods switch on just as soon as they’re out of the case, and connect to your device as soon as they are put inside the ear. If you’re listening to music or watching a video/show, you can just take out one of the earpieces to pause, no matter which app you’re on. The Airpods also switch off as soon as they’re put back inside the case.

Thankfully, with the sensors in the i100 TWS and the i200 TWS, you can get the same experience. Connectivity, as already stated, is just as easy. These clones also have the same in-ear detection quality, which the i100 TWS was the first clone to perfect. You can also now use tap and touch gestures for control, unlike having to use the button on the previous generations.

All in all, then, the clones now almost seamlessly provide the same experience as the Airpods. Especially since they’re both equipped with Bluetooth 5.0, they allow for amazing ranges and strong connectivity, which is definitely a necessity when it comes to wireless technology.

Advantage: Almost the same user-experience on both i200 TWS and the i100 TWS

I’m guessing they sound good, too? – i200 TWS vs i00 TWS

Not just good, the i100 TWS and the i200 TWS sound nearly identical to the original Airpods. None of these earphones, not even the originals, were designed keeping sound quality over convenience, so audio experience on all of these earphones is just decent. They’re not too amazing, but not too bad either. The clones also follow this example, and almost entirely hit this decent sound quality that the Airpods provide. However, the i200 TWS does come with noise cancellation technology, making it a much better option for crowded places.

The microphones on both these clones also deliver clear and crisp sounds, which is one of the most impressive features of the Airpods, especially in comparison to competitors like the Galaxy Buds.

Final Showdown! – i200 TWS vs i00 TWS

Between the i200 TWS vs i100 TWS, the i200 TWS is a better pick. Although both come with similar features like Bluetooth 5.0 and wireless charging, even similar audio qualities, the i200 TWS does have better battery life, noise cancellation, and a case that is more similar to the original Airpods. For its extremely low price, the i200 TWS is a definite steal, and if you’re looking to buy the Airpods, you definitely need to reconsider.

The Winner: i200 TWS AirPods Clone

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