i13 TWS Airpods Clone: A Cheaper Airpods 2 Alternative!

i12, i10 and with subsequent products, the makers behind this series of knockoffs have constantly made their products better and better replicas of the original AirPods. This is one set of TWS earphones that has constantly proved their mettle over the huge number of replicas flooding the market. Finally now they’ve come up with their latest iteration to this line-up, the i13 TWS AirPods.

Since the same makers are behind this as well, it is expected to be another great product. So in this article let’s discuss some of the top features of the i13 TWS AirPods that are worth keeping an eye out for.

Is it worth buying the i13 TWS Airpods Clone?

Quick to the connect

The i13 TWS AirPods has a wonderful piece of technology that is embedded in it. No worries about switching it on after taking it out from the charging case. As soon as the earbud is taken out from the case, it powers up and starts connecting to a previously known device, if there is one, or waits for the device to send a pairing request. The earbud also automatically switches off when kept back in the charging case.

This keeps the i13 apart from other TWS because of the unnecessary fiddling with buttons and gestures to switch it on. The i13 removes all those troubles and presents a device that has no buttons and is easy and quick to use.

Apart from the automatic powering up and shutting down, the i13 comes with Bluetooth 5.0. This puts it ahead of the already existing AirPods in terms of connectivity. With the AirPods 1 having only Bluetooth 4.2, the i13 TWS AirPods has an upper edge in terms of pairing speeds.

First to have wireless charging

The i13 is strictly a replica of the AirPods and has tried to mirror most of the features in the AirPods and they have got it right. At a time when the AirPods 2 is rumoured to have wireless charging, i13 TWS has gone a step further and already embedded it in their device.

The i13 is compatible with all wireless charging docks and it is a really viable alternative when the charging cable is not available. This option of wireless charging is a surprising factor considering the price tag of the i13 AirPods.

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Amazing audio

One main concern always surrounding knockoffs and clones is the quality of audio delivered by them. The i13 has a lot of work put into it to ensure no disappointments are made for the audio it produces. With no lag between the visuals and the audio, the i13 TWS has crystal-clear real-time audio outputs. This is made possible with the hi-fi sub-woofer embedded inside the earbuds.

Apart from the disappearance of any lag, the i13 effectively removes all external disturbances with a great noise-cancellation feature. This enables users to have a great audio experience without causing any need to raise volume levels. Rather than just enhancing the audio experience that users feel while using the i13 TWS, it also provides protection for the user’s ears from exposure to higher sound levels.

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Simplistic touch controls

An issue that companies sometimes leave unaddressed while manufacturing TWS earphones is the controls given on the earbuds. The i13 TWS Bluetooth Earphones doesn’t go about in that manner and fixes that issue.

The i13 doesn’t implement any buttons on the earbuds, and the system of gestures is purely touch-based. With a set of easy gestures, the i13 TWS can perform many tasks. Answering or rejecting calls, controlling the music player and even summoning the voice assistant is done without any hassle. Just a touch or two accomplishes these tasks.

Dazzling battery life

The battery life of the i13 earbuds with a single charge is 4 hours. Compared to the varying times from anywhere between 3 to 4 hours for other TWS earphones, the i13 TWS Bluetooth Earphones is much better than average. Apart from the usage time, the battery in the i13 TWS has a standby time of 120 hours.

Since the charging case carries the fuel for another 5 to 6 charges with an hour needed to provide one full charge to the earphones, battery concerns aren’t going to stay with the i13 TWS. And when the charging case runs out of battery, it can either be charged wireless or using the lightning cable that comes with the product.

Perks of buying the i13 TWS AirPods 2 Clone:

  • A better and cheaper Airpods 2 Alternative!
  • Stunning Build quality
  • Supports Wireless Charging
  • Exceptional Audio Performance
  • Automatic Bluetooth Pairing
  • IPX 6 rated
  • 4 Hours of music playback in just 30 minutes of Charging.

i13 TWS Bluetooth Earphones – Price & Availability:

The AirPods 2 hits the road at almost $199 while the i13 TWS AirPods Replica costs you only $19.99. If you feel that the i13 TWS Bluetooth Earphones is your ideal wireless Bluetooth earphones then take a step ahead and claim the Flash Sale before it ends. This pricing is only for the first 488 units. So hurry up!

i13 TWS Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

Sale Price: $21.99


Bluetooth Distance: 12 metres
Battery Life: 4 hours
Charging Time: 0.5 Hours
Wireless Charging: YES

i14 TWS Wireless Bluetooth Earphones (FLASH SALE)

Sale Price: $22.99

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