i12 TWS Earbuds – Supporting Wireless Charging or Not?

The wireless earbuds have marked the audience affectionately. You just can’t imagine the music time without earbuds, either wired or wireless. The i12 TWS are also the big name when it comes to being clone to the high-grade originals. It imparts the high-end specs at a price less than the original one.

In terms of design, the i12 TWS headphone concludes similar design aesthetics and same functions. But the cost figure is as little as one-tenth of the real AirPods.

A question that may arise in anyone’s mind that does the i12 TWS headphone clone supports wireless charging facility?

Well, you will get ‘No’ as the answer to imply that it does not support the wireless charging technique at all.

Why is so if it follows the same specs sheet as other high-end earbuds? Here is the clarification to the answer.

The i12 TWS doesn’t support wireless charging because it is an earlier batch of Apple AirPods. Further, it misses something crucial in TWS chips and some other practical functions. You will not find any wireless charging module in the i12 TWS headphone clones. Ultimately, it has no wireless charging system.

Though it doesn’t support this facility, the charging method is quite simple and convenient yet. Users will have to just connect the charging case with power using a charging cable. If you are still passionate about the wireless charging technique in clone editions, here we have some suggestions as follow:

Huawei FreeBuds 2 Pro

Honor FlyPods

Dacom K6H TWS

Moreover, if you have bought the i12 TWS headphones from Gearbest and still facing any problem, do not hesitate to reach it. Visit its support centre page and fill up your query. It will be pleasant for them to assist you with our best knowledge.


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