[Flash Deal] i12 TWS Bluetooth Headset: Real Competitor Of Airdots For Just $26.51

This is the Newest Replica of the Actual AirPod. From the design to its size, battery life, to the high audio quality, every aspect has been enhanced from previous models. The i12 TWS Bluetooth Headset has the combined look and features from both the i10 and the i11.

Buy i12 TWS Bluetooth Headset For Just $26.51


The headphones weigh only 4,2g. Their compact size, low weight and absolute lack of cables are important features that make it stand out. From the outside, there is a touch area on which you can perform gestures. With them, you can call the AI assistant, stop the currently playing song, change the song and even answer or reject the call. The 7,2mm loudspeaker is responsible for the sound. Xiaomi ensures that the headphones are designed to get deeper bass and the most audiophile experience possible.


Once taken out of the charging case, it will Automatically power on and are ready to be paired with any Bluetooth compatible devices. Works with Both iOS and Android phones. Once paired, it will automatically pair with your device the next time you take them out of the charging case. Both earpieces can be used together or as a stand-alone.

Unlike other Copies that only allow you to Hear with ONE side while on a phone call, these will allow you to hear on Both earpieces while on a call while listening to music, and every sound will be transmitted to Both earpieces. The charging case features the lighting charging port, which means we can use the same cable that charges our iPhones to recharge the i12 case. The case has enough juice to recharge both earpieces up to 5 times. The device can last 4 hours in a row, so if you go running, on the train, or simply stay at home enjoying a pleasant time while listening to music, it can last up to 12 hours in standby mode.

Verdict To Buy

The i12 TWS Bluetooth Headset offers features more than the price-tag it carries and that is what makes the i12 TWS Airpod clone so special. Grab the i12 IWT Bluetooth Headset is only on Gearbest For Just at $26.51 On flash sale if you decided to buy you can just click the following button:

Buy i12 TWS Bluetooth Headset For Just $26.51

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