I12 Sports Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Stereo Earphones Review | with Charging Dock

I12 sports Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Stereo Earphone has the functions such as a user can use it in times of answering the phone call, changing the music and can also use for a quick voice. It is made of ABS and metal for which it looks more standard and gorgeous as the combination of these materials gives a nice external outlook of the device. Its color which is normally white looks very much standard.  One of its main advantages is it can be accessible by any type of mobile phones whether it is I phone or not, computer etc. but on the other hand, the Air pod only supports the device which is run by iOS. If we look at the price of this device, then we notice that the price of Air pod is almost five times of the price of this device.

I12 Sports Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Stereo Earphones Review

I12 Sports Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Stereo Earphones with Charging Dock Review

Using Raychem 5.0 chip

I12 Sports Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Stereo Earphones use the chip which is called the Raychem 5.0 chip. This chip is well known for its high sensitivity and high-performance touch sensor chips. As this device is attached to the ear for a long time, so its sensitivity is a major concern for a user otherwise the user may occur problems. With its high touch sensor chip, it can work very fast and an easier way. For example, in times of changing music or songs or even answering a call, just touch the definite sensor then it will quickly work.  On the other hand Air pods which is also a reputed device use W1 chip which does not has those kinds of features rather it just emphasize on its wireless connection.

I12 Sports Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Stereo Earphones Review

Both ears are true stereo

The sound quality of both the earphones is very nice and equally balanced.  Copper ring speaker is used in this microphone which ensures a better sound quality and also it also maintains an excellent outlook of the microphones. It also ensures comfort to the user as there are too many types of earphones which are hard and even very difficult to use.

I12 Sports Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Stereo Earphones Review

Magnetic contact charging

The charging of this earphone is not a difficult task. Even it can be easily done without any hustle as it does not need to connect it with the socket or other electrical circuits. Besides, for this charging system, the skin of the earphone remains excellent but it normally affected in terms of using the conventional method.  Moreover, it is rust free and free from corrosion. Thus, a user doesn’t need to be too much scared about it rather it gives a better and harmless way of charging for the user.

Delicate and compact

The design of this earphone is so much delicate and its size also compact. As the device puts on the ear, so its size needs to be smaller which can be getting by this product. So, a user can use it for a long time due to its compact size. Its delicate design also gives the user a natural quality of sound.


The materials which are usually used in this device are ABS or metal. This kind of materials gives a better design and due to this type of material, it also glazes the product. Besides, it also increases the longevity of the product as both the materials are quite hard in nature.


I12 Sports Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Stereo Earphones are compatible with the computers, i phone and also with the other kinds of mobile phones. So, by this earphone, a user can use this in every one of those devices. This will give the user much flexibility and also remove the cost of buying another headphone for another device. Dissimilarly, Air pod is only compatible with the iOS normally. Though it says it is compatible with the mobile phone, it is possible to access only a few numbers of functions.


The connection of this device is wireless which will give much freedom and enjoyment to the user. As it is difficult to maintain and carry off those wire connected device, so it can be said that this wireless will removes that hustle.

Frequency Response

The frequency of this device can be changed according to the instruction by the user. The frequency range starts at 24 Hz and it can be up to 24800 Hz. So, according to the preference of the user, it can be maintained.

Music time

A user can use this earphone up to 3 hours at a time which is quite longer than Air pod and other earphones. So, a user can enjoy music at along without the tension of when it becomes charge down.

Standby time

By activating the standby time, this device can run about 120 hours or 5 days. This feature is absent is almost every other device and due to this feature a user can use this earphone more functionally. 


I12 Sports Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Stereo Earphone supports Bluetooth. Its mode of Bluetooth is hand free so it can be used more easily and more conveniently. The version of Bluetooth is 5.0 which are usually fast and it is more advanced than the previous version.

Battery capacity

The battery capacity of this earphone is 55 mAh which gives the function of using the device for a long time.  So a user can use it for a long time at a time.


The functions of this earphone are answering the phone calls, changing the music and quick voice. So, by connecting the earphone with our phones we can easily answer to the phone calls.

Product size and weight

The weight of the earphone needs to be much lighter and this earphone’s weight is only just 0.07 kg which is very light in weight.

The size of this product is also smaller for which it can be used easily.


The price of this earphone is very much affordable considering its features and also compared to others brand.  On the other hand, Airpod’s price is almost six times higher than this. So, a user who enjoys music conveniently can purchase this device.

What we don’t like

The main problem of this device is its sensitivity is very much higher which can affect the user.  Its music time or calling time needs to be increased. As its charging is connected through magnetic contact, it can sometimes make problem to the device.


I12 Sports Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Stereo Earphones comes with a large number of features such as the Raychem 5.0 chip, magnetic contact charging, and its design is also very delicate and compact. This kind of Earphones is compatible with the computers, i phone and also with the other kinds of mobile phones. On the other hand, Air pod is only compatible with iOS. And its price which is very much affordable, by considering its functions and features even it is almost five times lesser than the Air Pod.


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