i10 TWS Wireless Airpods: Is it Worth Buying? [Coupon Included]

Knockoffs of famous products have always been a part of the market. Suited for people who have limited budgets and want good products, this has been a part of the life of the average Joe.

Retaining all the features of the original isn’t possible for the cheap knockoffs, but the competition relies on who gets the most authentic one at a cheap price. The i10 TWS is one of the best AirPods knockoffs available in the market. Rather than being a simple knockoff, the Airpods also tries to cover all the features present in the i10 TWS at a cheap price.


The i10 TWS is built with a design that mirrors the Apple AirPods in every aspect. The i10 comes in a lightweight case that doubles up as a charger, like most wireless earphones. The earphone is made to fit in the ear without any issues regarding the comfort of fitting into the ear. The device indeed is light-weight, very comfortable and you will barely notice them on.

The i10 also is IPX6 rated proving it to waterproof when objected to water streams of high pressure from any angle. The i10 TWS sticks to the classic Apple EarPod design. Cut-short the i10 TWS brings all the goodness of the Apple Airpods to an affordable and reasonable price.

Connectivity and Usage

The earphones are usable with Android, iPhone or any other device with Bluetooth for that matter. Connecting to the device is pretty easy. All the user needs to do, is take the right earphone out and wait for 10 seconds and it’ll be paired to the device. After this initial setup, connection to the device is done automatically.

The i10 has only one microphone, which is in the right earpiece. The left earpiece can’t be used for talking purposes. One drawback putting this into consideration is that the left earpiece can’t be used individually without the right one. Not just for usage of the microphone, but even for normal usage, the left earpiece is pretty much useless without the right one. Connection to any device can be done only with the right earpiece and the left one can’t work without being connected to the device.

The i10 also comes with touch sensors on both the right and left earpieces. Actions like accepting or rejecting a call, pausing or resuming the music and changing the song can be done by tapping the earpiece with the correct gestures.

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The sound quality is really good and it does have a good bass as well. Music is definitely made enjoyable for the users with the lovely performance by the i10 on that behalf. Moving on to the syncing between audio and video, there’s a tiny lag between them. The lag, if noticeable, is only for a fraction of a second and doesn’t do much harm to the listener.

The sound has an open, airy quality to it as these pair are non-noise isolating buds. Which also means you get to experience some good audio quality without the harsh tight ear-tips.


The battery life of the i10 is nowhere near comparable to that of original AirPods. With a full charge, the i10 gives about 2 hours 45 minutes to somewhere above 3 hours. The case which is the primary charging source for the earphones has another 10 to 11 hours of juice packed into it. Each full recharge of the earphones takes around an hour.

The case can either be charged wirelessly or using a USB Type C cable. There are 4 green LED lights on the case to indicate its battery level. The earphones emit a beeping tone which repeats every few seconds when it has a low amount of charge. While charging the earphones, a pair of LED lights on the case indicates the charge for each one.

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The i10 TWS Airpods was majorly built for function first and carries the mission of bringing the airpods experience to the budget league. Also it has done justice to an extent. If you are looking for a pair of truly wireless earbuds that has some great design aesthetics and does deliver decent audio quality then the i10 TWS wireless earbuds are a great choice.


  • Extremely Affordable
  • Exceptional Sound Quality
  • IPX 6 rated


  • Left earpiece can’t be used alone
  • Slight amount of lag between audio and video

Price & Availability:

The price could be the most attractive aspects of the i10 TWS wireless airpods! Now you can purchase the TWS wireless Bluetooth Earbuds for just $33.99 on gearbest. If the i10 TWS is your ideal truly wireless earbuds, then take a step to purchase it using the following coupon code:

Offer Price: $33.99



Bluetooth Distance: 10 metres
Battery Life: 2 to 3 hours

Bonus Offers:

Also here is another earbud I want to introduce: TWS i9X Wireless Earbuds. It is cheaper than the i10 TWS. The i9X in particular is the clone of Apple Airpod Generation 1 while the i10 is the clone of Airpod Generation 2

Offer Price: $27.99


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