Hubsan H117S Zino Vs Hubsan Zino Pro: Is upgrade worth it?

Today in this article, we have two RD drones from the same producer, Hubsan. We will compare the Hubsan Zino vs Hubsan Zino Pro drone quadcopter to see what are the major pluses the company is loading on the Pro edition. Is it really a worth upgrading?

The RC drone industry is full of possibilities with numerous manufacturers in each category. In particular, the Chinese manufacturer Hubsan has some additional efforts as it managed to serve the users with quality-rich and highly-empowered products.

Further, the Hubsan Zino drone installs surprising feature-sheet any cheap drone can have. The drone carries a 4K camera along with the 3-axis gimbal to ensure perfect stability.

Although the Hubsan Zino quadcopter doesn’t have any obstacle avoidance sensors, which we found on the DJI drones, the device has a barometer to hold the altitude constant and GPS to keep the product in the right place.

Notably, the Hubsan Zino drone is also among those who are capable of returning to home after getting a low battery signal. The maximum range is 1KM that looks enough for those who want to fly it near the spot.

As far as the Pro edition of the same is related, we also have some unique feature parameters to woo the yes. Accordingly, the Hubsan Zino Pro also packs a 4K Ultra-HD 8 MP photo camera along with the 3-axis gimbal.

It facilitates camera stability to capture photos and videos in a crisp and sharp manner. Like the regular edition, the Hubsan Zino Pro also provides 1 KM flying distance. The 3100 mAh battery life is about 23 minutes and taking around 180 minutes to charge fully.

Comparison Between the Hubsan Zino Vs Hubsan Zino Pro RC Drone Quadcopter

Overall, the Hubsan Zino Pro vs Hubsan Zino drones are almost the same devices with slight differences among them. Under further headings, we will deliberate on each of them individually.

Design and Build

If we analyze both of the drones externally, we will find almost the same physique. At prima facia, both devices look a small-sized and handy approach with the flexible and foldable body.

Furthermore, the Hubsan Zino comes in a White color skin with 4 corner propellers. Besides, it also has 4 stands under each propeller mechanism to land the drone safely.

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The aluminum alloy made body ensure robustness to face unwanted conditions during the journey. The propellers are in Black color to add an exquisite design with a dual-color combination.

Inside, the Hubsan Zino Drone equips an intelligent battery to give it a ride for around 23 minutes. Underneath, the drone ties a 4K camera for shooting purpose.

On the other hand, the Hubsan Zino Pro also adopts the same design and physical attributes but in the black color shade overall. Further, the Pro version also provides a foldable body to make it compact during transportation.

Like the regular edition, the Hubsan Zino Pro Drone carries 4 propellers underneath 4 stands for safe land. On the top, it prints the brand logo and draws ergonomic design with a sturdy and smooth build.

The 4K camera gets the place under the body and a 3100 mAh battery inside. This is also the lightweight device to fly for enough time on a single charge.


The most important difference between the both is the distance that the Zino pro travel as compared to the Zino. The hubsan Zino H117S has signal range of 3000 meters and on other hand the Hubsan Zino Pro is capable to reach the range of 4000 meters. So if you love that your drones can feature more area, you must upgrade to the pro version.


The camera is the most prominent organ of any RC drone. In fact, this is what the drone has been designed for. In terms of camera, we have again similarities in the Hubsan Zino vs Hubsan Zino Pro.

hubsan zino pro

The Hubsan Zino drone installs a 4K resolution camera with 3-axis gimbal support. Further, it is fully capable of capturing high-resolution, crispy clear and sharp videos and photos from any point of height.

On the contrary, the Hubsan Zino Pro also adopts 4K resolution ultra-HD 8 MP camera to give you a professional aerial photography experience. The 3-axis stabilization helps to create sharper videos at 30 frames per second.

Multiple Flight Modes

During the flight, we can perform various tasks on the drone. This is the internal ability of any aircraft to serve the users with lots of features in the air even through a remote controller.

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The Hubsan Zino drone quadcopter provides multiple flight modes to capture professional shots, not just for fun. Actually, not only the regular version but the Hubsan Zino Pro also has the same flight modes to create a professional feel all the way.

Here are some of the flight modes available on both the quadcopters:

Orbit Mode: In orbit Mode, you select an object around which you want to revolve the drone. Similarly, you can also adjust the speed of the drone as well.

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Follow Me Mode: The Follow ME Mode ensures the users to follow a selected object or a person. It will follow the person until the work is assigned.

Waypoints Mode: Waypoint Mode creates a certain route for the drone to follow through the app.

Line Fly Mode: The drone will fly in a straight line to make videos and photos.

Additional Features

In addition to these specifications, the Hubsan Zino vs Hubsan Zino Pro quadcopter has various other features like below:

Both of the drones have 3100 mAh batteries to run the drone for around 23 minutes in both cases.

Similarly, the drones have GPS, FPV, Return Home Function, Altimeter, a Car Charger, an external remote controller, foldable design, and some other features for the end-users.


As long as the price figure is concerned, it is surprising to see almost the same price tag with both of the quadcopter drones.

The Hubsan Zino drone will cost you at $379.99 on the Gearbest store.

Here is the buying link below:

On the other hand, the Hubsan Zino Pro edition is available on the company’s website for $369.00. Click to buy now:


After reviewing the comparison between Hubsan Zino vs Hubsan Zino Pro quadcopter, we have reached the verdict that both the devices are almost same in the design and some of the specifications. But, the major difference in the pro version is that you get additional 1000 meters range. So, if you love to feature more range on your drone, you must upgrade to the new version with low price.



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