Hubsan ZINO PRO GPS 5G WIFI 4KM FPV RC Drone offered for $389.99

The Hubsan Zino Pro is an extensive set of the Hubsan Zino drone, namely a complete package with various accessories to make flying as comfortable as possible. With the Hubsan Zino Pro you not only get the Zino drone, but also include an extra battery, extra propellers, a shoulder bag to transport the drone and accessories and a car charger, with which you can charge the drone in the car.

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Standard Version Coupon: 3NEGCPL7 use on Geekbuying to get it for $369

Portable Version Coupon: N45QKVO use on Geekbuying to get it for $389

The amazing drone has various professional specifications, including the  DJI Mavic Pro drone also has. The Hubsan Zino drone is foldable and therefore easy to transport, it is also not that big and only weighs around 700 grams. The Hubsan Zino pro has an intelligent battery, this battery automatically flies back when it is almost empty.

With the 3100 mAh battery about 23 minutes can be impacted, with the extra battery in this package the flight time is already doubled to about 46 minutes flight time. One battery is fully charged again in 3 hours. A remote controller is supplied with the Hubsan Zino pro, with which you can control the drone up to approximately 2.5 kilometers. You can easily connect your own telephone to the controller by attaching it.

With the free downloadable X-Hubsan app you can watch live with the camera of the drone via your own phone, so it is very handy to connect it to the controller. The drone flies very stable despite the light weight, this is because the drone has a built-in GPS system.

The Hubsan Zino pro also has a barometer, which makes it possible to let the drone hang stably in the air at a certain height. The Hubsan Zino pro has a maximum speed of 60 km / h. The speed of the drone can also be seen in the X-Hubsan app, here you can also see at what height it is.

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The engines of the Hubsan Zino pro are brushless, these ensure a more sustainable way of flying. The speed of the drone can also be seen in the X-Hubsan app, here you can also see at what height it is. The engines of the Hubsan Zino are brushless, these ensure a more sustainable way of flying.

The speed of the drone can also be seen in the X-Hubsan app, here you can also see at what height it is. The engines of the Hubsan Zino pro are brushless, these ensure a more sustainable way of flying.

Hubsan Zino Pro FPV

The Hubsan Zino pro drone has a film and photo camera, which is stabilized by a 3-axis gimbal. This stabilized camera makes photos and videos a lot sharper. Videos with the Hubsan Zino camera are made in 4K (Ultra HD) at 30 frames per second, photos are made in a resolution of 8 megapixels.

Via the free X-Hubsan app it is possible to watch live with the camera of the drone. With FPV, First Person View, it is possible to control the Hubsan Zino pro from the driver’s or pilot’s point of view up to a distance of around 1000 meters.


With Goggles (Videoglasses) it is possible to experience the First Person View in an even more spectacular way. This can easily be done by placing your phone in the glasses. A Goggles is not included with this Hubsan Zino Pro package.

The images of your flight are displayed in 720P (HD) quality on the screen of your phone. In the X-Hubsan app it is easy to choose between taking photos and videos, and there is also the option of having the Hubsan Zino pro take a panorama shot. The drone will generate this panorama photo itself by taking different photos, the speed at which the Hubsan Zino pro does this can be manually adjusted.

Hubsan Zino Pro Functions

The Husban Zino pro has professional functions. For example, the drone can take off and land automatically at the touch of a button, or you can choose to have the drone return to the point of departure. These are some examples of certain practical functions that the Hubsan Zino pro has, below even more functionalities.

– Waypoints :  you can let the drone fly a certain route by indicating a few points in the X-Hubsan app that you want the Hubsan Zino to fly past. Here the height can also be adjusted per indicated point.

– Follow me: you can let the Hubsan Zino pro follow the controller, but you can also choose to select an object to follow. The drone continues to follow the selected object or person until the assignment is adjusted.

– Orbit mode : in this mode an object can be selected around which to fly, the speed at which the Hubsan Zino flies is adjustable.

– Line Fly mode : the drone will continue to fly in a straight line, this way you can fully occupy yourself with making videos and photos.

– Headless mode: the Hubsan Zino pro no longer has a fixed front in this mode, so you can fly freely. This is very nice when you no longer know exactly where the front of the drone is. Then you can still fly on the basis of the direction you are pushing your joystick.

Specifications Hubsan Zino Pro

– Range: 2500 meters
– Battery life: 23 minutes
– Number of batteries supplied: 2
– Battery charging time: 180 minutes
– Camera: 4K (Ultra HD) and 8MP photo camera
– Weight: 700 grams
– Dimensions: 30.4 x 25.2 x 9 cm
– GPS: Yes
– Altimeter: Yes
– Follow me function: Yes
– FPV: Yes
– Home Return Function: Yes

In the box:
1x Hubsan Zino Drone
1x Remote Controller
2x 3100 mAh battery
1x Adapter
1x Car charger
12x Propellers (3 sets)
One x Screwdriver
Carrying bag
Gimbal protector

Where to Buy The Hubsan ZINO PRO drone

The Hubsan ZINO PRO drone is currently available on Geekbuying and Gearbest. The Standard Version on Geekbuying goes for just $369.99 using coupon3 Code: 3NEGCPL7. while the Portable Version goes for $389.99 using Coupon code: N45QKVO. On the other hand, you can get it on Gearbest for just $379.99



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