Hubsan Zino Pro: UHD 4K RC Drone For Just $359.99| With 2 Batteries [Coupon]

Shoot everything that surrounds you and easily create mesmerizing videos with the compact and functional Hubsan Zino Pro assistant. This folding quadrocopter is equipped with a camera that records video in Ultra HD 4K resolution, a 3-axis stabilizer for a smooth and clear picture, as well as convenient controls. Show the usual things and places from an unusual angle to see this world in a new way!

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Hubsan Zino, the new model PRO version differs mainly due to the new communication system between drone and controller, and for the newer, more powerful processor, which should make the processing of images and filming even more fluid. For the rest, we are faced with an older brother who looks almost like a twin, especially with regards to the outward appearance, a folding drone that is easy to carry and weighs 700 grams.


Powerful brushless motors allow the drone to reach a maximum speed of 9m/s, and thanks to an accurate navigation system (GPS + GLONASS), a barometer and a 6-axis gyroscope, the flight will be absolutely safe and controlled. Try ZINO PRO in action and fly anywhere, anytime. Going on a trip, take your Hubsan ZINO PRO with you to capture all the fun in the best quality.

Hubsan Zino Pro Cameras

The Hubsan Zino Pro Camera is equipped with a Sony sensor and Ambarella A12S chip, allowing it to record video in resolution up to 4K (3840×2160 pixels, 30 fps), take high-quality photos and support real-time streaming in HD. And to make the video as smooth as possible, the drone has a three-axis mechanical suspension that compensates for jerking and jitter.


The battery is 3000 mAh and is fully charged in about two and a half hours. According to Hubsan, it ensures a flight autonomy of up to 23 minutes. But obviously the manufacturer speaks of “optimal circumstances”, ie in the (unlikely) event of no wind throughout the flight, so it is advisable to evaluate a more realistic duration of just under 20 minutes. Despite its compact size, the drone is equipped with a very capacious battery, providing it with up to 23 minutes of flight. This is enough to not only fly around the neighborhood but also make a video for memory.

Hubsan Zino Pro Connectivity

Hubsan Zino Pro is controlled by a portable ground station that connects to a smartphone. And operates at a frequency of 5.8 GHz. Its High frequency allows you to transmit video in excellent quality. And significantly increases the flight range of the quadrocopter. The drone can be removed from the pilot to a distance of 4 kilometers!

To be totally honest. The Hubsan Zino Pro is just an improvement on the Zino drone. The changes are not crazy, except for the improvement of the transmission system that significantly increases the range of the drone. Finally, The Zino Pro will necessarily be too since the price is almost identical.

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Where To Shop

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Image result for banggood logo>Buy Hubsan ZINO PRO 4K RC Quadcopter With 2 Batteries For Just $359.99


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