(Pre-Sale) Hubsan Zino H117S Drone: 4K UHD, 3-Axis Gimbal, 1KM FPV, For Just $394.99

Hubsan is releasing a Foldable Drone the Hubsan Zino H117S Drone to compete with DJI at their end of the market. The drone space has for a long time been calling out for a low priced folding drone that will be able to capture excellent stabilized video and this is the market that Shenzhen based Hubsan Technology are attacking. Shenzhen Hubsan Technology Co. Ltd is a high-tech enterprise with over 500 employees led by CEO Sam Lee and have more than 100 young engineers, who specialize in drone design, R&D, manufacture and marketing of UAVs.

Buy Hubsan Zino H117S Drone: 4K UHD, For Just $394.99

The Hubsan Zino camera has some solid specs. It utilizes a 4K camera on a three-axis gimbal, that is capable of shooting 3840 x 2160 video at 30 fps. The field of view is 89-degrees and the aperture is an impressively-low f/2.2. Like the Spark, the Zino also has a panorama photo mode. In the past, we have found that the cameras on other Hubsans, like the X4 Air, to be better than most of the competition in its price range. Will this improved camera justify the $399 price tag? That remains to be seen.

The Hubsan Zino H117S Drone has a flight time of 23 minutes. That is 7 minutes better than the Spark and 3 minutes better than the Mavic Air. You can add a second battery for only $30 by picking up the Zino battery bundle. The Zino has a range of up to 2,500 meters but the video transmission is limited to 1,000 meters. The Zino’s range falls well short of the Mavic Air (4,000 meters) and the Spark (2,000 meters).

The Hubsan Zino H117S Drone utilizes GPS as well as an internal barometer to add stability and intelligent flight modes. In addition to various panorama modes, the Zino has return-to-home, waypoints, and line-flying mode. The line-flying mode allows you to set the Zino on a straight path while you have the ability to control the camera for smooth cinematic footage. This is the course lock mode that is available on many DJI drones. Like both the Spark and the Mavic Air, the Zino has image tracking. You should be able to choose a subject for the drone to track. This feature is iffy on DJI products, so we will see how it pans out for the Zino.

Hubsan Zino H117S Drone is now available on Gearbest For Just at $394.99 On Pre-Sale.

Buy Hubsan Zino H117S Drone For $394.99 On Pre-Sale


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