[Super Sale] Hubsan H117S Zino 4K Drone: With 1 Batteries For Just $245.99

If you think that the Hubsan H117S Zino Drone truly can beat Mavic Pro in terms of price and features. Then, stick with us because you are going to want to find out more information about that. Through researching the drone and sifting the customer feedback. The Hubsan Zino is the latest commercial drone in Hubsan’s line of sturdy and reliable drones. The Zino features a high-quality impact-resistant polycarbonate body that is lightweight and dynamic.

Thanks to its smart and portable design, your next inspiration is always ready to be captured. With Ultra HD 4K and a transmission distance of up to 1KM, its three-axis gimbal will frame moments as you see them from skylines, mountain views, and other breathtaking landscapes. Now capturing dead still imagery is possible with its LineFlyMode that allows you to capture precise footage. Its image tracking function targets a subject and follows it so you don’t have to. Included in its package is the standard Waypoint Mode that that lets you plan out the flight route for the Zino to accurately follow even in the face of obstacles. With the Hubsan Zino, you are the director of your life.

Buy Hubsan H117S Zino 4K Drone For Just $245.99


The H117S Zino drone looks similar to the famed Mavic Pro quadcopter. However, the design is different albeit similar style using the same concept of portability. I really liked how this foldable quadcopter comes in the jet white coating. Which makes it look completely like a professional-grade drone and especially user-friendly that doesn’t scare away people. The main difference is that the Zino drone has a curved front while the Mavic Pro has a more of trapezoid frontal. In addition to that, the Zino drone is equipped with foldable motor arms that extend its overall dimension size to 304.6 * 252.4 * 90mm (L*W*H, respectively).

H117S Zino – new high-quality model from the affordable price segment from Hubsan. The quadcopter has a folding design that made it convenient and compact for storage and transportation. The camera with a resolution of 2.7K on a 3-axis gyroscopic suspension allows for a smooth and clear picture, and now the flight range is as much as 2.5 km.

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The camera that Zino drone is using can capture stills and videos on the incredible 4K ultra high definition at 30 frames per second. While delivering you quality professional-level aerial shots from the skies. It just goes to show that Hubsan clearly has put this smart foldable camera drone in the right direction while offering an inexpensive alternative choice for everyone who wants to capture pictures in the air. We highly recommend at least 128GB micro SD card for this drone with Class-10 Speed.

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The advanced transmitter comes with dual antennas that communicate with the drone from 2.4GHz to 5.8GHz to achieve a lighting fast and responsive connection. Design-wise, I really liked how simple and professional the remote controller is. It isn’t cluttered with buttons at all. Plus, you can see how much battery it has left by checking its LED health status indicator Below.

Which makes it easy and simple enough for beginners to use. Aside from that, capture stills and videos are located on the shoulders. Majority of the features such as intelligent flight modes can be unlocked via using your favorite smartphone or tablet (you will need a mount holder that works with this remote controller). The HT106 foldable remote controller comes with durable mount hold extender that supports smartphones up to 7-inches.

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Hubsan H117S Zino has absolutely everything in order to become a full-fledged flagship! The product is delivered in a fully assembled and customized form. Power plant drone – powerful brushless motors and reliable speed controllers. The quadcopter can develop high vertical and horizontal speeds (the maximum horizontal speed is 60 km / h), while the flight will be absolutely safe and predictable, thanks to the accurate GPS module, barometer, and 6 axial gyroscopes. You can arrange flights even in windy weather!

Hubsan Zino H117S is one of the best (to date) amateur-class quadrocopters for shooting high-quality photos and video. It is quite easy to master piloting the drone (there is a special level for beginners), and the package includes everything that is needed – the drone itself, a convenient control panel, a large-capacity battery, and a charger. You only need to charge the battery!

Flight time quadcopter – 20 minutes. That’s enough for you to fully charge the battery with a capacity of 3100 mAh. The battery, as well as the charger for it, is included in the package. The drone is equipped with a 2.7K camera and a 3-axis hanger. The gyroscopic suspension provides a clear and smooth picture. Video broadcast in real-time on your gadget is implemented at a frequency of 5.8 GHz. High frequency allows you to transmit video in excellent quality and without loss.

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Verdict & Buy

Overall, the Hubsan H117S Zino Drone is a high-quality 4K UHD aerial photography quadcopter packed with strong performance and features. For less than $500, the H117S Zino drone easily beat most of the professional-grade camera drones thanks to its built-in powerful camera that beautifully captures aerial shots from the skies. Hubsan H117S Zino Drone is now available on Gearbest For Just at $245.99 With 1 Battery, on Super Sale. Click the following Button For Order Now:

Buy Hubsan H117S Zino 4K Drone For Just $245.99

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