Hubsan H117S RC Drone only for 294.99 [COUPON]

Hubsan drone is a device which is consisting of some advanced features and functions such as it has Global Positioning system mode, Headless mode, and automatic return mode and so on. One of its extraordinary features is its transmission distance can be up to 1 km.

By HD FPV Flight the user can take high-quality pictures and HD videos which is one of its most important features. Most of the user buys a drone for taking videos or pictures so by this device a user can take high-quality pictures and HD videos. During the time when taking pictures or videos from a mountain or a sea fall, it will be helpful for the user as its quality seems excellent.

The failsafe return to home ensures the safety of the drone. If it faces some problems with the transmitter, then it returns to the home quickly.

 It is possible to control a distance which is around 1km by this drone. So, in the remote place, the user can take place in a particular position and can use its fly mode and gather the corresponding information like taking pictures, videos, etc. Thus, it reduces the walking pressure of the user and also can be a safer option.

One of its most advanced features is; by using this device, a user can take aerial photography even the user is in any mode like swimming, climbing, etc.

Hubsan drone has a flight time of 23 minutes, so a user can do the task within those times easily.

It has an interesting feature which is known as the point of an interesting flight. In this feature, just select a point and the drone will fly around the circle. This feature can be used for both recreational and can also use for searching for anything.

The charging time of this device is only 180 minutes or 3 hours which is not a long time. So, a user will not face a serious problem with the charging situation.

As this product needs to be carried from one place to another, so the weight of this product needs to be lightweight and this product’s weight is only .7 kg, which is very light.

Hubsan drone has many advanced features and functions but its price can be an issue as it is quite high.


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