Huawei P20 Pro vs OPPO R15 vs VIVO X21 vs Honor 10: Comparing Gradient Phones

Today, the new Xiaomi Mi 8 passed through TENAA and we saw there will be three new gradient color options. This simply means if Xiaomi has decided to join the party of gradient flagships, this feature really plays a big role in the current smartphone market. But this manufacturer is not the first. There have been half a dozen other vendors that were the first to come in with such an idea. Previously, we compared five red phones. Though they all were in a single color, each of them looks different. Do you imagine what a huge difference will be among phones with gradient back covers? We are offering to take a look at the Huawei P20 Pro Aurora, OPPO R15 Nebula Gradient, VIVO X21 Charm Night, and Honor 10 Mirage Blue. As you can guess, this comparison comes our way from ITHome again.

gradient phones

Due to the differences between light angles, the gradient colors will have different changes. When looking at them, you can fully appreciate the true value of these phones according to the effects of multiple photos.

All of these smartphones adopt the special-shaped screen design with bangs. Their width is basically the same, but the chin of the OPPO R15 and the VIVO X21 is obviously narrower. The front of the Huawei P20 Pro and the Honor 10 are equipped with a Home button. In terms of design, these are the main similarities and differences.

gradient phones

Obviously, the color is a more subjective element for everyone. Due to the development of coloring technology, more colors can be expressed on smartphones. These four models show a true flagship can sport hardware found on other models as well, but its design can become a decisive factor when buying. That’s why many top brands are in searches of new design elements, colors, and other features that can boost sales.


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