Huawei Nova Leaked on Webio! Metal Chassis, Fingerprint reader

A few days back, a twitterer @Evan Blass told us that Huawei’s upcoming flagship ‘Huawei Nova’ and ‘Nova Plus’ will release at IFA.

But today, Wang Jianguo leaked the first image of Huawei Nova on Weibo.

Huawei Nova rear

Nova’s rear chassis appears to be molded from metal (notice the shimmering) along with a black strip at the top including a camera and dual flash. Meanwhile, the front is of plastic. The design seems to be not mysterious as most Huawei’s terminal like P8 uses the same camera layout. The difference can be clearly noticed with the curved metallic rear.

Huawei Nova

Moreover, we can find the circular fingerprint reader on the back, along with the Huawei logo at the bottom. This time, Huawei has introduced on-screen buttons instead of the touch based LED buttons.

Now, we just have to wait for the release of Huawei Nova. For more leaks, stay tuned!



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