Huawei Mate X poster in China hints the launch is near

This is sure that the Folding phones are to be the next generation of the smartphones. We have start getting the folding smartphones from the companies like Samsung and Huawei. Samsung was to launch its first foldable smartphone ahead of the Huawei. But after the worst reviews of some of the Samsung phone, the launch of phone delays. And now it is assume that the Huawei may spoil the plans of Samsung to launch the folding phone first with its Huawei Mate X.

The news is that in a store in China, a poster was noticed which was promoting the Huawei Mate X. Or you can say it a Huawei’s first folding smartphone. It is said that the phone will be available with the 5G connectivity. The poster on the shop gives the hint that the launch will be in near weeks or month. But there was not any of the date mentioned on the poster.

Availability of Huawei Mate X

Few days ago, the president of Huawei product division told us that the Huawei Mate X will be available in China at the end of July. Or it may also arrive in the first half of August.

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Firstly the launch was expected in September, but after the news of the ban on Huawei the dates were changed and there was no news on the launch of the new product. But now looking at this poster we might assume that the launch is near. Also, after the conference of Huawei Nova 5 series, we heard that the phone will go on sale in western European market before September. But if the launch gets soon the phone might available soon.

The poster reveals mostly all the details of the Huawei mate X. The screen of the phone will be 8 inches when it will be expanded.

The mate X adopts a flexible folding screen, so the phone will be folded to 180 degrees. And when you fold the phone the screen will be 6.6 inches.

The best selling points of the foldable phone are 5G connectivity and the 4500mAh large battery which supports 55W Super-fast charging.



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