Huawei Honor Magicbook 2019 vs Xiaomi Redmibook 14: The Ultimate Entry-Level Laptop!

The Huawei Honor Magicbook 2019 or the Redmibook 14? Which laptop should you buy?

Huawei is known for its high-end phones, most tempting designs, and exceptional hardware features. The brand that stands in rivalry to giants like Apple and Samsung. While Xiaomi made its name by giving its users continual updates and constant support system. Xiaomi is known to be legendary for providing us with the product that’s exceptionally good at an affordable price more as if “value for money” and its assortment or the variety of products that they provide to their users. Today we’re going to stack up two amazing laptops from these two brands – Huawei Honor Magicbook 2019 vs Xiaomi Redmibook 14.

Both the brands have their follow up from the Apple Macbook versions and they achieve top rank for their maiden products in the market. So, now the battle is about two new variants from both of them – Magicbook 2019 vs Redmibook 14.

Huawei Honor Magicbook 2019 vs Xiaomi Redmibook 14: Specs Comparison

Xiaomi Redmibook 14 Honor Magicbook
Highest Variant Price:
Highest Variant Processor:
Highest Variant RAM:
Highest Variant Storage:
Highest Variant GPU:
NVIDIA GeForce MX250

Stunningly beautiful or elegantly lavish Design:

The Honor Magicbook has a cold arctic silver-tone with an ultra-thin premium matte finish looks pretty cool and super stylish and weighs only 1.45 kgs which is extremely light and has an anti-glare screen which doesn’t hurt your eyes or gives you a red strained eye. They have really put effort into providing the users with some quality visual experience. This Magicbook comes in a 14-inch display with so much resemblance to the Apple MacBook Pro, they contain four stereo speakers where two of them exist on either side of the flat keyboard that has buttons with rounded corners and straight edges. The keyboard on the Honor Magicbook 2019 comes with three levels of backlit with a white tone.

In the battle of Xiaomi Redmibook 14 vs Honor Magicbook, the Redmibook 14 holds its resemblance to that of Macbook Air and weighs slightly higher at 1.5kgs which is a fair weight for a notebook. They have thin borders of 5.75 mm with a 14-inch display and a sleek aluminum metal body with a silver finish. A logo at the bottom of the screen. Like any other notebook, with a standard US design but there’s no backlit. They have provided the mousepad without any glass coating so there are chances of finding scratches after use. Oops! They don’t have a webcam. I have to be honest, it looks stunningly elegant but the absence of webcam is a major drawback in the battle of Huawei Honor Magicbook 2019 vs Xiaomi Redmibook 14.

Advantage: Honor Magicbook 2019

How did the Performance work out?

Round 2 of Xiaomi Redmibook 14 vs Honor Magicbook. The Honor Magicbook pro has stepped up their game with new generation AMD Ryzen 2500U mobile processor which is neural net-based prediction hardware and Radeon vega 8 Graphics with superior power processing with the highest power consumption of 25W. They have built-in 8GB of RAM and 512 GB SSD storage. It also has Nvidia MX250 that runs at 7000 Mhz memory speed which is a doorway GPU. The four speakers of the Dolby Atmos sound system provide a high, deep bass sound effect.

The highest variant of the Xiaomi Redmibook 14 appears to contain the 8th generation Intel Core i7 processor and the specification down variant holds the i5 processor. The CPU works along with NVIDIA GeForce MX250 GPU that holds a TDP (Thermal Design Power) of 25W. The highest variant of storage includes 512 GB which is almost as equal as that of the Honor Magicbook. They both contain air vents at the bottom to provide better airflow. They have 2 speakers that include DTS audio support and an intelligent unlock 2.0 feature. Well well well, Xiaomi has given you everything that Honor Magicbook will give you at a reasonable price. Now it’s a big win!

Advantage: Xiaomi Redmibook 14

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Which is the best laptop for Gaming?

Choosing an ultrabook that can game could have a huge impact on the price. Luckily that’s not the case with both the Magicbook and the Redmibook line-up. Picking the best gaming notebook which can fit in your budget is more than just roughly going through the spec sheet. With several metrics put into consideration, we honestly believe that the Xiaomi Redmibook 14 is a better laptop for gaming. This is major because of its Intel Core i5 8265U or the i7 8565 CPUs and the NVIDIA GPU it carries.

From: notebookcheck

The GPU performance is unbelievably good with the Nvidia MX250. Like you can see in the above comparison, even the MX150 GPUs perform much better than the Vega 8 by AMD, which is practically the GPUs packed with the Huawei Honor Magicbook 2019. The Nvidia GeForce MX250 probably is the best GPU when it comes to entry-level gaming notebooks. The GPU is based on the Pascal GP108 chip which plays an additional factor of smarter power consumptions.

I was able to get 45 FPS to 50 FPS with 1080p settings on games like Fortnite and GTA V. Unless you tend to keep the settings on medium, everything is going to be super buttery smooth with the Xiaomi Redmibook 14. The winner in this round of Honor Magicbook 2019 vs Xiaomi Redmibook 14 (gaming) – “Xiaomi Redmibook 14”

Advantage: Xiaomi Redmibook 14

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Which one holds it long enough? Battery:

Round 3 of Xiaomi Redmibook 14 vs Honor Magicbook. The Huawei Honor Magicbook 2019 is armed with 57.4 Wh battery and brilliant power-saving technology. All it takes is 30 minutes to charge up to 40%. While the Redmibook 14 comes with a 46 w battery and super fast charging. It is capable of 10 hours of offline video viewing, 7 hours of online video streaming and 11 hours of online web browsing. This MI notebook carries the capacity of going a full workday without charging in between. This Redmibook promises 10 hours of battery life on a single charge which is pretty much enough for what a notebook needs.

Guess they both satisfy the users with the power they contain, with decent battery life.

Countdown to the Final Verdict:

photo credits: tech tablets

So here comes the ultimate slam! The Honor Magicbook is true magic indeed. Honor Magicbook is a powerful notebook that is irresistible, Xiaomi Redmibook 14 indeed lacks some design including the absence of a webcam, but Xiaomi takes the lead in providing the needs at an affordable and bold, cocky price tag which is hard to resist, definitely not hard enough to pick over any notebook available in the market. Huawei Honor Magicbook 2019 vs Xiaomi Redmibook 14 is a worthy thought to put into and I guess we have a winner!

Winner: Xiaomi Redmibook 14

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