Huawei Honor Band A2 Review: Can It Compete With Xiaomi Mi Band 2?

The smartbands market continues growing. The sales are getting better. That’s why the manufacturers are interested more in designing a new model. But this also makes other companies enter this niche. As a result, the market has become overpopulated. When this happens, customers are the only one to benefit. But they are also are the most vulnerable ones because there are too many gimmicks attracting buyers but not providing useful performance. Say, some of the fitness trackers are said to check the blood sugar, to play games, and many complicated features put into a single bracelet. So their purposes become blurred and awkward. Actually, the original intention of a smartband is to allow monitoring the current state and gather that information in a single place to see the development. In this sense, the wearable we are going to talk about is a classic smartband with no gimmicks. The Huawei Honor Band A2 is a mid-range smartband announced back in May. It’s been considered to be one of the closest rivals of the Xiaomi Mi Band 2, which is the most selling wearable in the world. But it’s been priced a bit higher at 199 yuan (), while the Mi Band 2 was available at 149 yuan (). Anyway, the Honor Band A2 comes with no tricks. It’s a simple and useful smartband with a 0.96-inch screen to display the most important information you need.

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Huawei Honor A2

Huawei Honor Band A2 Design

As we wear smartbands all the time regardless our activity, there should be several variants of traps to befit our outfit. Fortunately, Huawei didn’t miss this and made four color options to choose from – magic black, green, charm flame red, and white.

Huawei Honor A2

The box is in light blue carrying the smartband’s photo, while the key features are provided on the back.

Huawei Honor A2

It uses a PMOLED screen at 0.96 inches. This screen also supports multi-touch, which is rare in the smartbands. Thanks to it you can zoom in/out to adjust the displayed information according to your needs. One of the selling points of this device is the PMOLED screen. It can be found only on rare smartbands such as the Tencent Pacewear S8. Those who are not familiar with this term, PMOLED stands for Passive Matrix OLED. The regular OLED screens use organic materials that emit light when electricity is applied. As for the PMOLEDs, they relate to the way you drive) the display. As we do too limited operations on smartbands, it’s quite reasonable to use PMOLED displays because they use a simple control scheme in which you control each line in it. Moreover, they are great in terms of power consumption because PMOLED electronics do not contain a storage capacitor and so the pixels in each line are actually off most of the time. Shortly, this is the opposite version of the AMOLED that stands for Active-Matrix OLED.

Huawei Honor A2

But apart from this, the Huawei Honor Band A2 uses an OCA technology. To understand the advantages coming through this technology let’s dive into details. Filling the air gap via direct bonding enhances the overall performance of a display significantly. It improves the general optical performance with lower reflectivity as well as boosts the durability and reduces the thickness. On the contrary, the direct bonding costs more than the air gap solution. It requires additional material and process costs for adhesives. But it’s gone viral in last years because thanks to it the products become slimmer. That’s why many top brands use this technology in their products. The adhesive market for touch panels including optically clear adhesive (OCA) and optically clear resin (OCR) is on the rise.

This handset also comes with an IP67 rating. Therefore, it’s both waterproof and dustproof.

The back of the bracelet uses the much-popular photoelectric heart rate sensor. There is nothing to praise for because this technology can be found on every fitness trackers and smartwatch available on the market.

Huawei Honor A2

The wrist straps are made of TPU with high strength, hypoallergenic, high toughness, wear-resistant features, and snap design that doesn’t allow it to fall off when moving actively. Its surface uses a diamond prism texture.

Huawei Honor A2

Inside the box, we can also find a USB charging cable.

Huawei Honor A2

The front of the charging base is magnetic.

Huawei Honor A2

On the back, we can see the Huawei logo.

Huawei Honor A2

The fitness tracker weighs 22 grams.

Huawei Honor A2

Huawei Honor Band A2 Performance

Like other smartbands, the Huawei Honor Band A2 is capable of tracking your activity and provide real-time data about it.

The smartband activates one the charger is connected. The main screen displays some information concerning the Bluetooth connectivity, remaining power, time, pedometer data, and the date.

Huawei Honor Band A2

A single tap on the screen will display the next screen of the pedometer.

Huawei Honor Band A2

Slide down to learn about the burnt calories.

Slide again to see last night’s sleep time.

A slide from the mains screen will activate the sports mode. It includes running, walking, or riding.

Huawei Honor Band A2

Once you start moving the bracelet automatically calculates and records time, heart rate, steps number, and displays it.

On this screen, slide up to enter the heart rate screen.

Huawei Honor Band A2

There is a special screen showcasing the key features referring to this product.

Thanks to a special feature you can find your smartband if lost.

Huawei Honor Band A2 Software: Huawei Wear

The data collected by this smartband is stored and displayed on the Huawei Wear app. So you have to sync it with your phone by activating Bluetooth on it and looking for the bracelet.

However, if the Huawei Honor Band A2 is not connected to the phone, it will independently save the date within 7 days.

The heart rate and sleep monitor data can be seen in the appropriating screen.

But if you want to display a complete data, there is a special screen showing everything in your activity.

If you are familiar with the Huawei Wear app, then you should know it allows us to set the notification do not disturb modes.

It also shows the caller information when the synced phone is calling. It also allows users to answer or decline the call.

Huawei Honor Band A2 Battery and Endurance

There is a built-in 95mAh battery. There are many smartbands with larger capacity batteries. But we know it’s a matter of optimization rather than capacity size. Especially, this refers to the screen, as it ‘eats’ power the most. The official information claims it can keep running for nine days. Let’s check.

Running test

When we started the test the remaining power was 93%. After running for 30 minutes the power was dropped to 91%.

Daily use

The test began at 17:32 pm when there was the remaining power of 91%. On the next day, at 9:30 am, the power was 87%. Thus in 16 hours, it consumed 4%. So the stated lifetime is quite reachable.


Though it doesn’t show an accurate information on charging time, the measured data is about 90 minutes.


Actually, the Huawei Honor Band A2 is a good smartband with many features seen on other products from the niche. But it can’t compete with the Xiaomi Mi Band 2, as the latter comes with a more stylish look. In this sense, another Huawei smartband in face of the Band 3 can compete with Xiaomi’s product. But the Honor Band A2 has its customers as well. I mean there are many people loving how it looks. As for the hardware and performance, it doesn’t yield other products. Moreover, it’s made by Huawei that can play a huge role and have an impact on customers’ behavior when choosing between this and other models. So once they chose this smartband, they should be satisfied with their decision.


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