Huawei G Play Mini: Goes on sale in Spain

It’s the end of 2015 and the beginning of 2016, but for Huawei it doesn’t matter at all. Thus, Huawei continues it’s journey to provide high to low end smartphones with the most lenient price. Among these, if we talk about the recent one “Huawei G Play Mini”, it’s now available internationally from Spanish shops.


Specifications of Huawei G Play Mini:

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Features of Huawei G Play Mini:

From the specs, we can analyse that Huawei G Play Mini is a lower-mid range terminal with mediocre features.

As mentioned, the G Play Mini Huawei has an IPS display of 5 inches and a HD resolution (1280 x 720p) with a pixel density of 294 ppi. Well that’s more than enough to enjoy sharper image quality and an excellent level of brightness. 

A powerful phone among the lower-mid range category powered with a Kirim 620 eight-core processor at 1.2 GHz and 2 GB of RAM. As far as the GPU is concerned it’s a Mali-450MP4. We did a benchmark test of this device and was manage to get +20000 points.

Huawei G Play Mini

The front camera of Huawei G Play Mini is not that much interesting, because it’s a normal 5 MP camera like the majority of phones. But the rear camera of this device is really interesting. It offers a resolution of 13 MP, has a Sony Exmor sensor in it and offers functions like Auto-focus, Panorama Mode, Beauty Mode etc. Here are some sample pictures, which highlights the vivid and clear resolution of the rear camera:

Also we can get a Full-HD video recording out from this phone. Sadly, 4K video is not supported but it’s fine as we are offering more for that price (give below).  Here is a sample of the video making in G Play Mini.

The only concern about the phone is the low internal storage of the phone which is 8 GB. But, thanks to the Micro SD card support, which enables you to add up to 32 GB of exteranl memory. As far as it goes to the OS, G Play Mini is based on Android KitKat (v 4.4) but we think that this year, Huawei will provide the Lollipop and Marshmallow updates. The OS is a little bit modified to Emotion UI 3.0.

Huawei G Play Mini
Locked Screen of Huawei G Play Mini

The best thing about the phone, apart from the camera, is that it supports Dual SIM. But, unfortunately it does not include support for 4G networks . Finally, we will highlight its non-removable battery of 2,550 mAh, enough to move the hardware Huawei G Play Mini and reach the end of the day with solvency.

Huawei G Play Mini VS Huawei Honor 4C:

G play mini vs 4C

Well, if we look at both terminals, both have same specs, same design and same camera. But it doesn’t mean that they both are ditto copy of each other. The only differences between them is in:

  • Appearance (a little bit)
  • 4C has a Gyroscope while G play honor lacks.
  • G Play Mini supports two Micro SIM while 4C supports two Regular
  • And of course the price.


In short, G Play Mini is a smartphone from lower-middle range where we highlight the good performance, offsetting the fair internal memory and lack of 4G . Huawei is always synonymous with quality and good after-sales service, another added value to seize this new smartphone.

Price & Availability:

You don’t have to wait for it’s arrival in Chinese shops because it is available in famous Spainish sites like Amazon and Pccomponentes for a price of 150 euros of Amazon and 159 euros on Pccompoentes.




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  1. One quick comment, and maybe you can clarify. Yesterday I bought the G-Play Mini at a Media Markt shop in Spain. I know it is not supposed to have it, but mine has Gyroscope. I published this in a Spanish well-known mobile-oriented forum and someone replied saying it was not possible (as he tested his G-Play mini and it dod not pass the Gyroscope test). Afterwards, to make my point, I published some photos and videos to proof of the gyroscope in action.

    Well, not only my mobile has passed the Gyroscope test (EZE VR app) but also I have tested it fully with at least 10 VR-oriented apps, and in all them it passed with flying colors and I was able to fully use the typical Gyroscope functions with no problem. And not, i am not crazy 🙂 and 100% sure my mobile is a G-Play Mini.


    1. A small update: Someone else in the forum has also tested it, and hers has also Gyroscope. Since Huawei Honor 4C has Gyroscope and it is also referred as CHM-U01, and one of the series of the G-Play Mini is CHC-U01 (while others are CHC-U03 or CHC-U23), maybe the CHC-U01 series has Gyroscope. My Mini that has it (as I mentioned in the previous post), is from the CHC-U01 series.

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