Huawei announced March sales – Huawei P9 & Mate 8 on the Lead

Recently, the Chinese smartphones manufacturer ‘Huawei’ proclaimed that the company’s first half smartphone shipments reached 60.56 million units. This was a stupendous increment of about 25%.

According to the letter published by the CEO of Huawei ‘Yu Chengdong’, we can perceive that the credit for that much increase goes to Mate 8 and the recent flagship killer Huawei P9.

Huawei Sales

However, from the introduction by Yu Chengdong:

P9 / P9 Plus, in the duration of three months (April 6 London release) has sold more than 450 million units. Surprisingly, this seems to be an increase of 120% as compared with P8 selling in the same time period.

Huawei P9 Sales

Meanwhile, Huawei Mate 8 is also under the spotlight with P9. Mate 8 compared to previous generations is to achieve sales growth over 65%, as this year, the sales surpassed four million.

No doubt, the outstanding Leica dual camera, a gigantic screen, long life, excellent workmanship and luxurious appearance have made P9 a 3000 to 4000 yuan terminal. Thus this lead to a massive increase in sales of P9.

If we take a glimpse back at the previous news, the cumulative sales target of P9 is 10 million units. Meanwhile, for Huawei phone 2016 shipment, the target is 1.4 million units.




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