Huawei Gets The 5G CE-TEC Certificate

A few months ago, Huawei joined forces with academic and industry partners to develop services for the next phase of the 5G wireless and mobile communications architecture. The innovations of 5G-MoNArch include the stack of protocols enabled for the cloud, the control and the management between sectors, and the optimization based on experiments together with the design of functions of safe, resistant and elastic networks as resources. After having carried out CE-TEC tests in the Huawei 5G C-band Massive MIMO AAU station, where it was possible to see that it can offer a continuous connection of X-Gbps in the open air with low reaching the ms, the equipment Huawei managed to obtain the first 5G CE-TEC certificate in the world and approved in the global list of commercial products with 5G NR.

Huawei Gets The 5G CE-TEC Certificate

With this achievement, Huawei promises us that the products of the brand that bring 5G will be verified and will comply with the quality standards they offer, going through a certain number of tests to ensure that the device performs its functions correctly.

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One of the research actions of 5G is the 5G public-private partnership program (PPP) of the European Union, witch provided 7.7 million euros in funds. Because, In order for the European Union to sell these products, they need CE certification, verifying that the commercial product that they are trying to bring to the market meets their standards. Such as electromagnetic compatibility, consumer protection, environmental protection, health protection, etc. With this, we can know that Huawei 5G products have permission to be marketed in Europe.

Huawei Gets The 5G CE-TEC Certificate

The company announced that it would release its first 5G phone in the second half of 2019, and this is a step for Huawei that will lead them to innovate in the connectivity section. Rumors indicate that the phone with 5G of the brand would be the Huawei Mate 30, which promises a breakthrough in network speeds.

Huawei is already advancing in the field of network connections, so this will be of benefit because we would have high internet speeds in most places we go. We can only wait for the devices to come out with this new technology.

Huawei Launches A New Cloud Storage Service

Huawei Launches A New Cloud Storage Service

For the recent releases of high-end devices with improvements in their hardware, Huawei decided to add a tool that will improve the storage system in the cloud. This time the company opted to bring something that is not new but that will help users of their devices. The Huawei Mobile Cloud is the company’s new cloud storage system, presented in Paris during the presentation conference of its new high-end terminals, such as the Huawei P20. This new service will be available to all who own a Huawei product anywhere in the world.

And something very interesting about the Huawei Mobile Cloud is that it will help us to organize, store and safely backup all the multimedia content that we have stored in the memory of the phone. In addition, we will also have all our personal content saved in the cloud, not only on all brand devices but also on Huawei tablets and laptops.

Huawei Launches A New Cloud Storage Service

The way to make a backup is very simple just by clicking on the option and the information gets stored. And the same also works to recover the information in case of losing or damaging the device. It’s simple, just by accessing you already have your content available.

We will have the Cloud Album tool that will bring us the option to edit, upload the photos to the cloud, view photos or videos, organize the photos and videos we have. Also, if we have a phone with little storage space, we can optimize it, since it recognizes the content that is not in use. There are many people who do not trust leaving their personal data or photos in the cloud, but Huawei Mobile Cloud has a security system called device to device, this system protects your data and information by giving the user access through the Huawei ID.

With this is the great tool designed by this company, can facilitate the storage of multimedia content to people and you will have not to worry about losing photos or videos when changing terminal or if you lose yours. The Huawei Mobile Cloud is available in 150 countries around the world for all Huawei users.



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