HUANUO HNLA 2 Multifunction Laptop Table Get in $19.99

HUANUO is a worldwide supplier and specialty manufacturer of ergonomic solutions for your business or home office. full-motion monitor arms, monitor desk stands, monitor stand risers and other accessories provide comfy position when you work, find more on, today talking about HUANUO HNLA 2. let get started:

Technical Features

HUANUO HNLA 2 only heavy 5 pounds and size as 26 x 14.6 x.8 inches. You can easily fold or take the table to the bed or sofa. On the HUANUO HNLA 2, you can watch a book or work on the computer.

Our laptop desk can be tilted from 0-30°, you can easily adjust the angle to an ergonomic position. Reduce your neck and shoulder burden. And our laptop desk height can be adjusted from 9.43”-12.58”, high as a standing desk. More functions for you choose to use.

Most of the people would like to choice laying on the bed instead of sitting on the desk to get a relaxed position. You can do anything you would like to do to share a happy time with your family on this table. What’s more? You can also take out this table to have a picnic with your family in the park. Easy and lightweight for you to take out!

Now HUANUO products have a 45% discount, it just needs $19.99 and FREE shipping from the US warehouse. You can’t


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