Huami Amazfit vs Huawei Honor S1: Chinese Smartwatches Gaining Momentum

Xiaomi is one of those Chinese brands that is known in every corner of the globe, but it will be wrong to say this manufacturer is the most popular company from the Eastern land. That’s not a secret people from the West are familiar more with Meizu and Huawei rather than with Xiaomi. But we hope this shortcoming will be fixed in the nearest future once the much anticipated Xiaomi Mi Note 2 is released. Our expectations are related with the fact this flagship supports 37 frequency bands including 4G LTE on US mobile carriers. However, only a little number of customers know Xiaomi outruns its main competitors in many markets. For example, Xiaomi has recently launched its first sports smartwatch dubbed as the Huami Amazfit. Let its name don’t lead you astray, because Huami is known as Xiaomi’s sub-brand. This device has made a huge stir around it, because Xiaomi always come with innovative ideas, and this product is no exception. Well, the fact Huami Amazfit is a great smartwatch causes no doubts, but it’s not the only sports smartwatch carrying a popular Chinese brand – there is also the Huawei Honor S1 announced recently.

Xiaomi Huami Amazfit vs Huawei Honor S1

Huami Amazfit vs Huawei Honor S1: Design

The Huami Amazfit doesn’t look like a regular sports smartwatch. We have already talked about this when reviewing this smartwatch. I mean sports smartwatches have become more modest and elegant if compared with the ones launched before. The screen is placed under the bulging round frame.  Anyway, the Huami Amazfit comes with a round display and its edges are rounded as well. The screen comes at 1.34 inches at a resolution of 300×300. The unlock button is located on the right side. It’s the only physical button you can find on this watch. The back panel carries charging connectors and a sensor to monitor heart rates. Finally, the Huami Amazfit comes with dual-colored wristbands in orange and black, but you can replace it with any 22mm wristbands you prefer. But they are made by a special technology preventing it from sweating, so it’s highly recommended to leave them where they are.

Huami Amazfit (20)

Huami Amazfit (21)

Huami Amazfit (16)

Huami Amazfit (15)

The Huawei Honor S1 looks identical to its competitor, but it doesn’t offer rounded frame like the Huami Amazfit. In this sense, the design of this watch is more minimalistic. Anyway, the bezel is made of aluminum, and there is also a black area between the bezel and the screen. It carries marks for hours. But the screen size is only at 1.04 inches. Moreover, the Huami Amazfit comes with an IPS LCD screen, while the Huawei smartwatch sports only a LCD screen. The resolution yields as well – 208 x 208 pixels. Both screens support multi-touch option, so nothing to complain on. Unlike the Xiaomi smartwatch, this one comes in three color options – Navy Blue, Deep Gray, Vibrant Orange. And though the 18mm wristbands look amazing they can’t be compared with the wristbands of the Xiaomi smartwatch. At last, the back of the watch carries charging connectors and optical heart rate monitor sensors. And there is no unlock button.

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Due to the screen the Huawei Honor S1 is smaller – 39.5 mm × 9.9 mm, and it weighs 35 grams, The diameter of the Huami smartwatch is 46mm and it weighs 54 grams. I guess you understand the winner in this category is the Huami Amazfit, which is bigger, offers more stylish design, there are unique wristbands and so on.


Huami Amazfit vs Huawei Honor S1: Performance

Though hardware is not a topic for conversation when comparing smartwatches, we decided to put their specs list next to each other to find out which one is better. The Huami Amazfit is packed with a dual-core 1.2GHz processor, which is paired with a 512MB of RAM and 4GB of ROM. There is also a 280mAh battery under the hood that provides 5 days of normal usage.

Unfortunately, the manufacturer has not disclosed the number of CPU cores and the frequency it runs on. This means we have no idea what a memory combination it comes at. The battery capacity is not mentioned as well, but we know this smartwatch can keep your device running 6 days long.

Huami Amazfit vs Huawei Honor S1: Connectivity and Software

The Huami Amazfit doesn’t come with a SIM card slot, but it is compatible with Android smartphones via Mi App. This smartwatch also supports WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0. In this sense, both devices seems to be in the same situation, as the Huawei Honor S1 is not a standalone device as well, and it comes with a Bluetooth 4.2 capability.

Huami Amazfit interface

None of these watches are powered with Android. For the Huami Amazfit, you have to login to your account to start using it. Once you did it, you will be able to change the face, adjust the widget order and so on. Thanks to Mi App you can connect it to any Android-powered smartphone or tablet. But unfortunately, there is no support for iOS devices. The Huami Amazfit offers quite acceptable GPS and GLONASS positioning systems for movement tracking that is mainly used in sports planning. As for the heart rate monitoring, it comes with a PPG-based sensor, which is combined with its latest self-developed algorithm to monitor heart rate and display an appropriate data. Actually, there are many useful features like 500+ free songs, AliPay payment system and push messages.

Well, we have been familiar with those features for a long time, so let’s look at the similar features of the Huawei smartwatch. It’s been rumored the next smartwatch of Huawei will run on Tizen. But this is not a Tizen-running device. Instead it is a Real Time Operating System (RTOS). And though we haven’t heard Huawei is working on such a project, the ‘Huawei Terminal USB port communications software V1.0’ phrase inside the smartwatch. As you guess, this can be something new developed by the company for its upcoming smartwatches. Being a sports smartwatch there are all the required apps like heart rate monitoring based on a PPG sensor or pedometer app. So we can easily say the Huawei Honor S1 doesn’t yield its rival in terms of software, but it won’t be correct to say it outruns the Huami Amazfit as well.

Huami Amazfit vs Huawei Honor S1: Price

The Xiaomi is known as Chinese Apple, so when it comes with highly priced products, no one surprises. The Huami Amazfit is available for $160 (1080 yuan). As for its rival, the Huawei Honor S1 is available for pre-order starting October 19 at $105 and it’s said to be available for purchasing on October 25.

The Final Words

These smartwatches are the first for both companies, so this comparison shows which of them takes it serious when it comes to making gadgets differ from smartphones. Though many can disagree with me saying there was the Huawei Honor Band Zero, but the latter is more a fitness wearable rather than a full-functionality smartwatch. This is the case when we can say both manufacturers are in the same situation, because Xiaomi has launched two fitness wearable as well in face of the Mi Band and Mi Band 2.

The Huami Amazfit is a scratch resistant model powered with Corning Gorilla Glass technology, which allows users to wear it in any environment not scarring the watch’s display will be damaged. It has got an IP67 certificate, thus it is dust and water resistant, as well. In this sense, the Huawei Honor S1 is on a better position, as it has an IP68 certificate. But many customers look at other features like design (where the Xiaomi is an absolute winner), performance (where nothing is clear as for now), connectivity (which seems the same for both smartwatches), software (where the Huawei Honor S1 is half a step ahead), and pricing (where the Honor S1 is in better position.) So we can write down Xiaomi has worked more on design, while Huawei has come in with a ‘working’ smartwatch.



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