Huami Amazfit Verge 2 vs Verge Lite: Which is Worth Buying?

Which is a better fitness tracker? Amazfit Verge 2 vs Verge Lite

Huami’s Amazfit is one of the leaders in the market of smartwatches and fitness trackers and is releasing new products nearly every month to cater to different people and their unique needs. Be it for casual wear or business occasions, Amazfit provides designs for all. We have covered a significant number of these watches, and under the microscope today we are about to compare two of the best affordable smartwatches – Amazfit Verge 2 vs Verge Lite.

Part of the same series, these two watches provide so much value for their price, and I would definitely recommend them to people who are willing to spend a little fortune on something that is definitely worth it. But which of these two should you pick up for your wrist? Let’s find out!

Huami Amazfit Verge 2 vs Verge Lite Comparison

Which one looks better? – Amazfit Verge 2 vs Verge Lite

Like most other Amazfit smartwatches, the Huami Amazfit Verge 2 and the Huami Amazfit Verge 2Verge Lite both have a round-dial design with a silicone strap band. The watches have a sporty look to them, making it the perfect fitness watch. There are differences between the two watches, however. Between the Verge 2 vs Verge Lite, the former has smaller bezels, giving it a bigger dial. The design of the Verge Lite does look more outdated with its thick bezels, especially in comparison to the Verge 2. However, even though it can look kind of bulky and slightly childish, it is not bad enough to make it a big no-no.

The Huami Amazfit Verge 2 has two versions – a regular version, and an ECG version. While the regular edition of the Verge 2, like the Verge Lite, comes with a silicone strap, the ECG version comes with a silicone and leather hybrid strap.

The build quality of both these watches is excellent, and Huami has taken many measures to make it ideal for daily usage and outdoor wear. Both watches have a Corning Gorilla 3 Glass covering over the dial with an added anti-fingerprint coating. This ensures that you can sport your watch throughout the day without having to worry about protecting it from wear and tear.

Display and Resolution

When it comes to the display, the Verge 2 is not an upgrade from the Verge Lite, since they both have exactly the same display. Both watches have a 1.3-inch AMOLED color display, which helps save battery life, and allows for comfortable usage. The resolution is a decent 360×360 for both watches, although some other options by Amazfit do offer more. The colors on these displays, however, are clear and decent, and you would probably not notice the slightly lower resolution. Displays can be problematic on smartwatches since they are small displays and usually round. However, the ones on both the Verge 2 and the Verge Lite are quite decent even if they are not the best.

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Battery Performance – Amazfit Verge Lite vs Verge 2

Now in this comparison of Amazfit Verge Lite vs Verge 2, let’s consider battery performance. Since smartwatches are rapidly replacing traditional watches, they need to have impressive battery lives if you are to use them daily. Especially since smartwatches do a lot more than just show you the time, it can get very inconvenient to lose charge on your smartwatch or to have to charge them every single day.

Thankfully, with the Verge Lite, battery life is not an issue. The Verge Lite lasts for a very impressive 20 days, making it extremely easy to use for long periods. The charging time for the watch takes around 2 and a half hours, which is not significantly low, but is definitely not a hassle if it only needs to be done once every 20 days.

The Verge 2, however, does not match up. The battery life is pretty low, especially in comparison to the Verge Lite, at just 28 hours. This is weird, considering the Verge 2 actually carries a better battery than the Verge Lite. You will have to charge it every night to use it all day, which can prevent you from monitoring your sleep. It can also be problematic to charge it every single day.

Ideal Smartwatch and Fitness Tracker

As fitness watches, Amazfit’s Verge Lite and Verge 2 bring a sufficient amount to the table. They are water-resistant with a rating of IP68, and connect to your phone via Bluetooth.

The Verge Lite features Bluetooth 5.0, and a GPS + GLONASS option. You can connect it to devices with Android 4.4 or above, and iOS 9.0 or above, so both Android and iOS users can make use of it. When it comes to fitness features, it has a PPG heart-rate sensor that allows you to monitor heart rates throughout the day, with pretty decent accuracy. It also has a 3-axis acceleration sensor, so it can track your step-count and distance traveled. It also features 7 different sports modes, covering a wide range from running and cycling to exercising and elliptical training. The sports modes could have been more impressive, though, since most of these 7 modes are just indoor or outdoor variations.

The Huami Amazfit Verge 2 on the other side is equipped with Bluetooth 4.2, and can support GPS, GLONASS, BDS, as well as WiFi. It also has the Amazfit OS, and a Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2500 inside its body. It, too, has a PPG heart-rate sensor and an acceleration sensor. In addition, it also carries a gyroscope and a geomagnetic sensor. The Verge 2 has 10 different sports modes and includes a lot more than the Verge Lite.

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Amazfit Verge 2 – The ECG Edition

TheHuami Amazfit Verge 2 is a pretty impressive watch, but its most impressive feature is the addition of an ECG sensor in the watch. This is only available for the ECG version of the watch, but this is an important detail especially because only one other smartwatch in the market has this ECG feature, and it costs a great deal more – the Apple Watch Series 4. This version of the Verge 2 also comes with a new hybrid strap.

So the Amazfit Verge 2 can monitor PPG arrhythmias as well as ECG arrhythmias, making it an all-rounder for your heart’s health. With the watch, you can get an ECG in just about 60 seconds, and can also avail a professional’s reading of the data through the Mi-Fit Health App.

Just imagine the number of benefits you can get from having an ECG machine on your wrist. Technology is all about innovation, and this is truly one of the best features you can get on a smartwatch. Considering the ECG feature, the later Amazfit Verge Lite vs Verge 2 turns out to be a great smartwatch when it comes to fitness tracking.

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So which one should you pick? – Amazfit Verge 2 vs Verge Lite

If the ECG feature is not something you really need, the Verge Lite is a better option than the Verge 2 because of its significantly better battery life, and almost the same features. But the ECG version of the Amazfit Verge 2 is a sure winner because it brings something that 99% of the market hasn’t, as of now. It also has more sports modes and a better OS, making the entire experience of using the watch very smooth.

We hope you liked our comparison of Amazfit Verge 2 vs Verge Lite. If you feel that the Amazfit Verge Lite is a perfect smartwatch then go ahead claim the flash deal. Also, do let us know which is your choice of smartwatch on the comment section below.

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