Huami AMAZFIT Smartwatch Review: What AMAZFIT 3 Brings?

Just a few hours ago, Xiaomi’s eco-chain company, Huami announced the third-gen AMAZFIT smartwatch. It’s the follow-up of the Xiaomi Huami Amazfit 2 (aka Amazfit Smart Sports Watch 2S Premium Edition and Amazfit Smart Sports Watch 2). As you see, the word ‘sports’ has been removed from the title. So it is a direct hint we are dealing with a smartwatch for general users.

AMAZFIT Smartwatch

The new AMAZFIT Smartwatch adopts an AMOLED color screen, support a built-in Xiaoi AI voice assistant that can control smart home appliances, and it also supports NFC function. Thus, the watch can be used as a bus card. However, the most important thing is that its battery life is very powerful.

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AMAZFIT Smartwatch Appearance

The first impression we get from the AMAZFIT Smartwatch is that it is different. Yes, it differs from the first and second generations a lot. This doesn’t mean it’s better or worse. It is just different.

The watch of Huami uses plastic as the main material of the glass dial. The position of the dial glass is a little lower than the horizontal plane. So the benefits of this design are obvious – the outer casing of the watch can effectively protect the watch glass, avoiding the scar on the dial glass when using the NFC function.

AMAZFIT Smartwatch

Huami made four decorative red bars on the outer ring of the watch, adding a touch of agility to the simple appearance and making the AMAZFIT Smartwatch look less monotonous. The style of the whole watch is more concise. In addition to the four red bars mentioned above, the body is only equipped with a red long bar-shaped Home button, and it is also located below the dial.

AMAZFIT Smartwatch

The watch’s strap is made of silicone material. According to the official introduction, they are using a new Cleaning process. The advantage of this process is that it can make the silicone material not easy to fade, and the feel will be smoother.

The new process is to change the molecular structure of the surface of the strap by UV illumination. So the molecular structure will be more stable and denser. Specifically speaking, the AMAZFIT Smartwatch is comfortable to wear on the wrist. Though the strap and the skin are very close, there is no sticky feeling of the ordinary silicone strap.

AMAZFIT Smartwatch

Aside from the appearance of the watch, Huami also put a lot of effort on the dial of this new product. The dial is one of the biggest differences between smartwatches and general watches. Users can change them according to their own preferences. So many smart wearers will make a fuss about this. In collaboration with the artists of the famous design studio Territory Studio, Huami designed three dials. However, the watch we got has not so many styles and is expected to be added in subsequent updates.

AMAZFUT Smartwatch

Territory Studio has worked with Universal Studios, Twentieth Century Fox, Sony Pictures, Paramount and many other Hollywood studios for The Avengers 3: Infinite War, The Avengers 2: The Age of Ultron, Blade Runner 2049, etc. to provide special effects. The collaboration with Territory Studio is a new selling point that Huami has added to this watch.

The dial of the AMAZFIT Smartwatch uses a 1.3-inch AMOLED screen, which is colorful, but the resolution of 360*360 is not high. The screen frame is wider, and the glass sinking design is not obvious if it is a dark-colored dial, while the light-colored system will show more obvious black edges, which has some influence on the visual experience.

AMAZFIT Smartwatch

The position where the watch dial and the strap are attached is fixed. This means that the watch cannot be tiled on the table. In addition, my biggest ‘remorse’ on this watch is that the watch itself is too thick, and it is roughly measured with a ruler, with a thickness of 1.3 cm. Although this thickness will affect the look and feel of the watch, it has a good experience in other aspects.

AMAZFIT Smartwatch Experience

First, let’s take a look at its battery life. The AMAZFIT Smartwatch has a 390mAh capacity battery in a slightly thicker body. This capacity battery is not too small for a smartwatch. In three days of use, there were not many message notifications. It was lightly used and still had 68% of electricity on the third day. According to the official data, if 150 messages are received every day, the wrist-up display time is shown 30 times, the NFC is swiped 4 times, and the other operations are implemented 5 minutes, the AMAZFIT Smartwatch can last for 5 days.

Of course, in reality, this data will differ and there is no guarantee that it will last 5 days. But the AMAZFIT Smartwatch will provide up to 3 days of battery life, undoubtedly.

AMAZFIT Smartwatch

Another reason for removing the battery and thickening the watch is that there are more chips and sensors inside. The AMAZFIT Smartwatch is equipped with the NFC function. With this function, the watch can be used as a bus card. The first cities to support the NFC bus cards are Hefei, Suzhou, Nanjing, Wuxi, Changzhou, and Zhenjiang. Other cities promised to open soon.

AMAZFIT Smartwatch

In addition to NFC, Huami introduced a real-time heart rate monitoring option. This function detects the amount of blood flowing through the wrist by means of PPG (PhotoPlethysmoGraphy) to obtain heart rate information. It has the advantage that heart rate information can be collected by simply wearing the watch on the wrist and it can be made throughout the day.

As a Xiaomi eco-chain company, it is naturally able to enjoy the benefits of the huge ecological chain of Xiaomi. The AMAZFIT Smartwatch comes with a built-in Xiao AI voice assistant that allows it to control Mijia smart home appliances. Users only need to press the Home button on the watch interface to quickly open this option. But it requires the network support. So the watch and the phone must be in a paired connection state.

The experience of Xiao AI is similar to that of other products of Xiaomi. But this time, it has been transferred from smartphones and smart speakers to watches. The basic functions of Xiao Ai include setting alarm clocks, checking the weather, dialogues, etc. More importantly, it can also control the smart home products through voice commands.

However, it’s not recommended to turn on the voice assistant on all of your Xiaomi products. There could be a conflict. On the other hand, there are 11 products that can be controlled by the AMAZFIT Smartwatch. They include the Mijia-branded lights, air purifiers, sockets, switches, sweeping robots, air conditioners, electric fans, etc.

AMAZFIT Smartwatch

Although the interaction of the AMAZFIT Smartwatch is not complicated, the function switch can only slide to the right. Seems nothing strange, but the menu is too long. So you have to slide for a long time to reach the scree you want. For example, if you want to use the timer on the watch, you need to slide the dial 13 times to the right to get to the timer interface.


Huami’s new smartwatch is a new series. Unlike the previous AMAZFIT Smart Sports Watch, it is more inclined to the smartwatch we need every day. It can be customized according to the agenda life. But as we use only the basic functions every day, there are not many settings to change. Generally, as we said somewhere in the article, the AMAFIT Smartwatch is a new regular smartwatch with all features you used to see in products from this niche.


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