Huami Amazfit Design, Hardware and Software Review

Xiaomi comes with better products and this refers not only to smartphones and phablets, but also to robotic vacuum cleaners and smartwatches. I guess you have no complaints concerning the vacuum cleaner, because we have reviewed the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum recently and you should know it’s one of the smartest vacuum cleaners launched ever. But I don’t have the same confidence for the Xiaomi Smartwatch as well. Probably you know the Xiaomi smartwatch should be announced on August 30. But what we saw was the Huami Amazfit.

Huami Amazfit main

I guess many of you will say they are the same product, as Huami is Xiaomi’s sub-brand, and though it doesn’t carry the Xiaomi branding, we are dealing with the Xiaomi Smartwatch. Honestly, I don’t know why the Chinese manufacturer has not come with a corresponding announcement yet, but I want to pay tribute to Huami, therefore I will use mainly the Huami Amazfit or the Huami smartwatch phrases when describing this device.

When talking about the identity of these products, we have to remember all the info came before its launch. Even a month ago we learned the Xiaomi smartwatch will support Bluetooth headphones. This was the time when we got acquainted with the price tag this device will be sold for, 799 yuan. Later all the info spotted hinting the first Xiaomi smartwatch will be produced by Huami. Moreover, it was claimed this smartwatch will win sport lovers’ hearts. Once the Huami Amazfit was released and we were able to get our hands on it, it became clear this smartwatch sports many amazing features like GPS positioning (for China only), Bluetooth headphone support to listen songs right from your smartwatch, long lasting battery life, some sport specific features, push notifications, ApliPay and many more. I guess you’ve caught the idea of this smartwatch – it is made especially for young consumers. But we need to look deeper to assess it wholly.

Huami Amazfit Design And Hardware

I guess no one will mind if I say this smartwatch comes with an unusual design. It’s said the Huami smartwatch is a sports device. This can simply mean all the design elements should be more drastic, and the overall design should let users wear it when going in for sports. In this sense, the Huami Amazfit doesn’t look like other sports smartwatches we reviewed earlier. Say, it has a round screen like the V11, TenFifteen A10 or No.1 G5, but unlike the aforementioned smartwatches, the Huami smartwatch has rounded edges. I guess rounded edges can be used for classic watches or for square-shaped smartwatches such as the Meizu smartwatch and the Podoor PW308S, iMacwear I9, Doogee S1, respectively. On the other hand, if this is a Xiaomi smartwatch, then everything is clear, because we have seen the XIaomi Mituwatch, a smartwatch made for kids and the Amazfit has many elements inherited from it. But this model comes with a zirconia ceramic bezel that put it to higher level. Thanks to the material it’s made of, the Amazfit becomes scratch-resistant allowing you to wear it for a longer time regardless the environment.

Huami Amazfit comparison Huami Amazfit comparison

The Huami Amazfit sports a 1.34 display at a resolution of 300×300 pixels. The Dialing opting is always active, so it won’t take you long to call whenever you want. Users can also learn the time and much more info at any moment. Thus the Huami Amazfit can serve as a traditional watch like the FINOW Q1. Generally, screen of this smartwatch is one of the key features, as it is able to display the content in any lightning conditions. Say, if there is a poor lightning, the ambient light sensor automatically adjusts the brightness of the screen, and vice versa.

Huami Amazfit screen

On the right side, almost on the back cover we can find the home button that is the only physical button on this watch. However, it is too small and almost has no bulge. So I guess most of you will have to push it for a few times before get what you want. The manufacturer explains it as it’s been designed so to prevent the inadvertently pressure. As I said, this is the only button, so when you want to use your smartwatch, you have to press it to unlock the screen. We have revewed so many smartwatches, and I don’t remember any of them to come with such a home button. There was the ZGPAX S99 with small buttons on the side, the Pi with similar buttons, the KingWear KW18 and many more, but no one put the home button on the back cover.

As for the wristbands, the Huami Amazfit comes with dual colored wristbands in orange and black that can be easily removed and replaced with any 22mm wristbands you prefer. But it’s highly recommended not to act so, because the original wristbands are made with a special technology preventing sweating and lets users wear it for a long time.

Huami Amazfit wristband Huami Amazfit wristband Huami Amazfit wristband

The optical heart rate sensor is located on the back. But everything is done with accuracy, and it doesn’t make any inconvenience when wearing.

Huami Amazfit back Huami Amazfit back

Huami Amazfit box Huami Amazfit design elements

The dual core 1.2GHz processor paired with a 512MB of RAM and 4GB of ROM and the 200mAh battery are located under the cover. The battery supports magnetic charging, so there are no holes for mini USB or other cables.

Huami Amazfit Software

The software of the Huami smartwatch is quite simple. I mean you have to login to your account and start using the watch like any other OS-powered device. Though it doesn’t run on Android, this smartwatch is in the closest relations with Android. Say, you can easily change the interface in the way you want, or you can adjust the widget order on the screen. You can enable the push notification option and so on. However, do not wait for it to download other apps as if it was an Android-powered device allowing users to access Play Market and download millions of apps and widgets.

Huami Amazfit on Android

The Huami Amazfit comes with Xiaomi’s Mi Fit app pre-installed (another reason to think this is the Xiaomi Smartwatch). So it can cooperate with any Android phone or tablet that supports this app. Unfortunately, this software is not available for iOS users, so the Apple fans have to wait a little more.

Huami Amazfit interface

Motion monitoring functions

One of the main advantages of the Huami Amazfit is its movement tracking function. Thanks to GPS and GLONASS positioning systems as well as world’s first 28-nanometer GPS chip the watch is capable of accurately tracking distance, elevation, cadence, pace, and other professional sports data for the daily training. However, it would be a sin if we say this is a great app, as it needs to be enhanced in the future.

Huami Amazfit Mi Fit (1) Huami Amazfit Mi Fit (2) Huami Amazfit Mi Fit (3) Huami Amazfit Mi Fit (5)

Heart Rate Monitoring

The next advantage of this smartwatch is related with its heart rate monitoring function. The device uses PPG-based heart rate sensor combined with its latest self-developed algorithm to monitor heart rate and display an appropriate data. This function has been compared with the same feature of the Apple Watch, and surprisingly the Huami Amazfit showed very respectable results. The latter doesn’t differ from Apple’s data very much.

Huami Amazfit Mi Fit (6)

Push Messages and Payment

You can simply ask why we review these two different functions together, but as we use these two functions the most, it’s better to take a glance at them simultaneously. As for the first option, users can get acquainted with any notification directly from the watch referring to a call, WeChat, SMS, weather and so on.

Huami Amazfit push messages

As the Huami smartwatch supports AliPay payment system, customers can use it when making purchases at stores, supermarkets, fast food shop and so on.  A simple scan process will allow them to pay for the bought goods directly by their watches.

Huami Amazfit Mi Fit (4)

Free Music

This smartwatch comes with a 4GB of internal memory, which is enough to store 500+ songs and listen to them via Bluetooth headphones. Moreover, it is capable of downloading any song you listen to via FM radio. However, there is a few shortcomings such as you can’t listen to a music and download it at the same time.

Hardy as ‘Slave’

The Huami Amazfit is able to work up to 35 hours on a single charge even when the GPS is ON. But you can disable many functions, and it will serve you up to 5 days. At last you can switch to saving mode, and keep charged up to 11.5 days.

The Final Words

We have already wondered why Xiaomi doesn’t launch its own smartwatch. No one knows, but I think we can think about the Huami Amazfit as a Xiaomi smartwatch. So the Xiaomi Huami smartwatch is thought to be a sports smartwatch. As you see many features hint we are dealing with a sports device. Taking this fact into account we have even managed to compare it with the Forerunner 225, one of the most favorite sports smartwatches of our time. I guess the Huami Amazfit won the race. And I think it can win many races. But there are some shortcomings the manufacturer has to work on. And once they are fixed, Huami/Xiaomi can fight even on foreign land. As of now, 799 yuan for the Huami Amazfit seems to be a quite affordable price.


Argam Artashyan

Back in 2010, he was dismissed from his position as a lecturer at the university. This made him get another job at his friend’s digital marketing company as a blog writer. After a few years, when he was thinking the article writing is his mission, Google pushed the Panda update and affected the company and websites he was working at. (Un)fortunately and surprisingly, he got an offer to head a large knitting factory. In 2016, he got his Ph.D. and resumed teaching at the University … and writing tech-related articles following his passion.

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  1. Brightness is no good. If it can be adjustable that will be please. Apple Watch two brightness clarity is setting a benchmark. Hope huami can enable adjustable
    In brightness in their app.

  2. I had installed Amazfit watch.. But because of some issue I had to delete the Amazfit watch app… Now I not able to pair (as I am unable to locate QR code). kindly guide how to get the QR code…

  3. does this watch show a breadcrumb feature or a simple on screen map with backtracking capabilities? I wish there was a picture of it. with other watches they show a zigzag line of where you’ve been.

  4. Brightness is no good. If it can be adjustable that will be please. Apple Watch two brightness clarity is setting a benchmark. Hope huami can enable adjustable
    In brightness in their app.

  5. I bought an Amazfit in March and after a software update in June the battery life dropped to less than 10 hours. The watch is used by my son and it doesn’t run for a whole school day!

    I tried a factory reset but it doesn’t help. Is there a solution to this problem? Any help would be highly appreciated.

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