[Cheap Wearable] Huami AMAZFIT Cor at $43.99 [Coupon]

The overall sales numbers of the wearables market for 2017 have not been revealed, but we can make assumptions taking a peek at three quarters’ results. In the Q1, 2017 the total shipment volume reached 24.7 million units. The second quarter showcased a bit less volume of 21.6 million smartbands. And finally, the Q3 results were 26.3 million shipped units, according to IDC. It’s not difficult to guess Xiaomi has sold the most wearables, and it leads the list. The most popular smartband in the world is the Xiaomi Mi Band 2. So any wearable is launched, it’s compared to this product only.

But what if this manufacturer releases more than one models at the same time? A few months back, on September 20, 2017, the company announced a new smartband coming our way from the AMAZFIT family. Thus it doesn’t carry the Xiaomi brand. Instead, it is made by Huami sub-brand. The Huami AMAZFIT Cor is a high-end wearable combining features of a smartband and a smartwatch. Thus it is not a regular smartband, as many think. It is priced over $65. But you can get your hands on this amazing product for only $43.99 if applying the coupon (code: 4PCJ8109KN).

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The Huami AMAZFIT Cor sports a 1.23-inch IPS LCD color touchscreen. It is covered with a 2.5D arc glass, while the screen is protected due to the Corning Gorilla Glass 3. As there are not many keys to interact with the smartband, the display is the only way to operate on it. That’s why the overall display surface is coated with an anti-fingerprint material. The strap is made of an anti-tear silicone. As for the chassis, it’s made of a 316L stainless steel that undergoes the world’s most time-consuming and premium MIM process for a one-piece stainless steel shell & PVD physical vapor deposition process. To understand what this means, just know the iPhone X is made using this technology. The overall appearance of the AMAZFIT Cor provides a feeling of a premium class wearable. At last, as the wristband can be damaged rapidly, the handset uses a buckle design. There are six options to choose from.

Huami amazfit cor

Like many other smartbands, the Huami AMAZFIT Cor provides some useful information concerning your lifestyle and health. They include sleep monitoring, heart rate monitoring, distance traveled, burned calories, sedentary reminder, outdoor run, indoor run, outdoor riding, and walking. The latter can run without enabling the GPS function. The rest three functions require GPS enabled. So you have to carry your smartphone with you to track your running route or use those functions that require a GPS.

Huami amazfit cor


However, most of these features can be found on many other wearables. But unlike them, the Huami AMAZFIT Cor focuses on scientific fitness rather than simple sports exercises. So using the APP you can find popular fitness programs, diets, and other sports data that will help you lose weight cleverly. The Mi APP will automatically calculate how long you have to run, walk or do various exercises to achieve your target. Thus it doesn’t store data and shows different reports only, but also helps you in reaching your goals.

This handset looks like the original Mi Band 2. It comes with dimensions of 43x22x9.9mm and weighs only 32 grams. Under the hood, we can find a 170mAh battery that provides up to 10 days of life on a single charge. As for charging, it takes only 2.5 hours to charge it fully. Finally, the Huami AMAZFIT Cor can be immersed in water for up to 50 meters.


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