How to Setup a VPN on Your Xiaomi Router?

These days all of our devices from laptops, mobile phones, and even TV screens are connected to the wifi router. It means that all our data is online most of the times which makes it easier for hackers and scammers to access it. Therefore, we need something that could stop the hackers to invade our privacy and steal our data.

But how can you protect your router? It is simple – use a strong, reliable and secure VPN service for your router! Wait – is it even possible? Yes! You can now have VPN services on your Xiaomi routers as well. With the advancement, the developers are now able to program VPN application for routers as well.

If you haven’t already known about this or need to know how to protect your data privacy by setting up a VPN service, then this tutorial guide is what you need!

Which VPN Should I Get For My Xiaomi Router?

Before learning how you can set-up a VPN service on your router, first talk about what VPN service is best for routers especially for Xiaomi. There is no doubt that today hundred of different VPN service providers are available. But that doesn’t mean all of them to offer services for the router as well.

However, one of the most popular, high-performance, as well as reliable and secure VPN service for routers is the ‘ExpressVPN.’ With all the features and amazing reviews about, there is no doubt that ExpressVPN is recommended for routers.

Secure Your Router By Following These Steps…

You can easily set up VPN services on your router, regardless of the Xiaomi router model you have. And if you choose to go with the ExpressVPN then you would be relieved to know that its services are tested multiple times on all router models. So let’s skip everything else and move on the guide on how you can secure your router using a strong VPN service:

  • Create/Login To VPN Account:
  •            Step 1: Go to the VPN site to create a user account or enter your login details if you already have one.
  •            Step 2: From your account click on ‘Setup On More Devices’.
  •            Step 3: On the left side of the screen, click on ‘Manual Config’ then select ‘PPTP &L2TP/IPsec’                         protocol. It will give you a username, password and a list of IP addresses for different servers around               the world. Save this information.


  • Configuration Of VPN Service on Router:
  •             Step 4: Navigate to your router’s Control Panel and sign in.
  •             Step 5: From there click on ‘Advanced’ then ‘VPN’.
  •             Step 6: Now click on ‘Add Services’ and enter the details – username, protocol type, server IP address              from the list, and password. And click ‘Save’ to continue.


  • Connecting VPN to Router:
    Step 7: A newly created VPN connection will be displayed on your screen. Click on ‘Connect’ and let the connection establishment. Then check your IP address to confirm your router is connected to the VPN service.


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