How To: Remove Ads From Any Android App!

Remove ads from Android Apps (Like Youtube, Subway Surfers) easily with Lucky Patcher. This tutorial will let you know exactly how you can do that without the help of any external device or programming skills. Make sure to follow along and share end results with us in the comments bellow. Lucky Patcher is a modding tool that searches for core files belonging to app being patched and modifies them in order enforce changes opted for. This process is very time taking when done manually but LP does it within seconds. The ability to reverse engineer and destroy and reconstructing files of this tool is incredible to say the least. It does that using a very complex mechanism that is currently exclusive to Lucky Patcher only.Even apps like Freedom APK falls short behind LP due to its speed.

Advertisements are essential to keep the net neutral. Otherwise we would have to pay for each of searches and other digital consumptions. In that regard, we owe a fat thanks to Adverts and people behind it. But the bar gets crossed when spam gets promoted to masses in forms of misleading malicious advertisements portrayed on thousands of apps and websites. This issue is less common on iOS and we will talk why in a bit. Such unethical forms of Ads should not be promoted and hence we brought this tutorial to make sure that all your digital experience is clean and unobstructed.

How To Remove Ads Using Lucky Patcher APK

Lucky Patcher allows a ton of useful functionalities to be induced upon your favorite apps. One of which is the ad-removing ability. This is what makes this tool so popular. I guess you could say its the LP’s “Flagship” feature – or at least one of it, considering the amount of features it offers. You will have to follow the steps mentioned bellow in order to remove ads from phone/tablet. Also, steps are in a chronological manner so follow in the order arranged bellow only otherwise end results will not turn out as desired.

  • Make sure that at least a gig of storage is free on your device as this tool might get hungry for exponential amount of memory in order de and re-construct applications
  • Rooted devices are preferable but in case your’s is not , do not worry ! Few of Lucky Patcher’s Features are functional even on non-rooted devices.
  • Make sure the above prerequisites are available as mentioned and go ahead to the download link (aforementioned) and get this APK
  • The APK File will be binary. Meaning that you will be able to share it with anyone you want to with basically any means of share possible (Including email)
  • Download the file and locate the APK using your file manager. (Highly recommended to use ES for this job as it provides a bunch of other features along with its capability of efficient execution)
  • Open the file and start the installation process. Also, make sure to allow third-party installations from the settings tab. This is a mandatory step in order to make sure that all the APK apart from Play Store gets installed. Since Lucky Patcher is not available on Play store, we will be needing this check box to be checked.
  • Allow all the permission it asks for. This tool uses every bit of access levels in order to execute the intense tasks of modding. Read the permissions carefully before allowing them as you should know what resources of your device it will be utilizing.
  • Get over with the installation process and open the tool from the app drawer or homescreen- wherever the launcher appears first
  • You will be greeted with a catalog of all apps installed on your device. Select the app you want to remove ads from by tapping on it
  • Now navigate to the Patches Tab in order to look for all the available patches that are applicable for that particular APK file
  • Now, tap on “Remove Ads” and let the thing do its work
  • In about ten seconds, you will get your app re-constructed and the Ads will be gone.
  • Close the tool and enjoy a total ad-less experience in your favorite app

As mentioned earlier, all the steps are mandatory so you will have to follow each and every one of them. By this time, you will have a slight idea of how complex this app’s mechanism really is. Reconstructing a whole app on it own with much user-assistance is an impeccable ability that most mod-apps lack. Moreover, it does that with such cleanliness that it becomes hard to believe that a preset command is doing it.


Ads made the free net possible and we all are a huge part of it now. So, no negative comments about it but the ones which leads users to malicious pages and exploits their data and devices are worthy to be blocked. This is why we put this tutorial together. If you follow all the steps mentioned, you also can achieve an ad-less experience. All credits goes to the people behind Lucky Patcher as this level of precision is a rarity among the modding apps. Apart from ad-removal, there are tones of different presets available in LP. This makes the entire experience much more useful. If you are facing any difficulties while following the tutorial, do mention that in the comments bellow and we will get back to you as soon as possible.If you liked How to remove Ads using Lucky Patcher, make sure to share this site with your friends on social media and do let us know what else you’d like to see here on this website. We at Letrons take our feedbacks seriously to ensure the best experience for our users. All the APK files present here are tested by us and go through a thorough and rigorous testing regime before ending up in our pages. Each time a new version comes out, we update the links so, its not a bad idea to bookmark this page or the Lucky Patcher Download one mentioned earlier.

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