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How to monitor phone activity like phone calls, SMS, Whatsapp, Facebook and more with FoneMonitor?

Due to the need to stay connected in case of an emergency, many parents decided to give a smartphone to their children. It seems the best idea, but then we think about how exposed they are to new dangers and we begin to regret it. We are concerned about what they do on the Internet, the contacts they communicate with and even their location. That is why it has become necessary to have a phone monitor or a spy phone app that allows us to track a cell phone or monitor phone activity. In this situation, FoneMonitor came to us as the most complete application for monitoring activities on other devices.

As there is more and more access to technology and children can get in touch with it in a simple way, several companies have been given the task of creating smartphone spy applications, providing an effective solution to monitor the phone’s activity of our children or even employees. Yes, that’s right, this application is not exclusive to parents. You can also give it a business use!

If you have your own business, the most complicated task is to monitor if your employees are using productively their work hours. Even sometimes a company has very important launches and they need to keep it in secret, right? But some employees like to do early leaks. Something that can compromise the future of a project. That’s why with FoneMonitor, you can remotely monitor any activity of a phone in your workplace in very simple steps.

FoneMonitor: Best App for Parents to Monitor Kid's Mobile Use

FoneMonitor: The all-in-one spy phone app!

This effective spy phone application allows access to calls and messages, GPS location, Keylogger, application registration and social media such as Facebook Twitter, Snapchat, and WhatsApp. In addition, it also supports Browser history monitoring, remote screenshots, geofence, and application activity during phone operation. You can even give access to photos, videos, calendar, notes and even downloaded music.

Also, this phone monitor is compatible with devices with Android, iOS, Windows and Mac OS operating system. With this app, you can track all activities on iPhone, iPad or other iOS devices of children and employees. The best thing is that you can monitor someone’s phone without jailbreaking or install any application on those devices. You can simply configure FoneMonitor easily from a browser to access the information anytime, anywhere, as long as there is a network.


Monitoring of sent and received SMS and telephone calls with different contacts.
Easily spy on social app activities, including WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, etc.
Control all installed applications, access the photos and videos downloaded from them.
See all the browsing activity, including the web address records.
Verify all photos, music, and videos downloaded on the target iOS devices.
Monitor notes, reminders and calendar activities to ensure reasonableness.
Follow the path of the device, know where the device has been.
Android OS, iOS (iPhone, iPad or other iOS devices), Windows and Mac OS.

How does FoneMonitor work?

To properly supervise each activity, you simply have to follow these 3 steps to make FoneMonitor your reliable monitor:

  • Create a FoneMonitor account: provide your email address, real data, and your personal password.

Create a FoneMonitor account

  • Check the target phone: set the application with the name and age of the owner of the target device. It will also be necessary to specify the operating system on the target device.

Create a FoneMonitor account

  • Ready! Now you can start controlling the activity of the other phone.

It’s simple, fast and completely safe. You can track up to 29 types of data on the phones if you want to. It is 100% effective and is free of malware and plugins. Guaranteed results without exposing your supervision at any time. In addition, it has support 24 hours a day through emails or live chat and its price is very accessible.

Keep Your Child's Safety Online with FoneMonitor

How to monitor the activities of an Android phone, tablet, and PC without rooting?

Once you have registered in the application, go to the “security” menu and enable the option “Unknown sources” by clicking on accept. Download the application and let the installation wizard take care of it. The app will ask for permission and you can give it with “Ok” finally click on “Start supervision” to remove the icon of the application and make sure that the owner of the monitored Android device cannot find this application directly. Now you only have to access the application and start monitoring the device you want.

hack smartphone without rooting with FoneMonitor

hack smartphone without rooting with FoneMonitor


So let’s check out all the possibilities that FoneMonitor offer us:

Keep Your Child's Safety Online with FoneMonitor

Location: Now you can know how to track a cell phone

With FoneMonitor you can easily track the GPS location of the target device, follow the current location accurately and know the route history that the monitored iPhone and Android device has followed.

To configure the device for tracking with FoneMonitor just follow this step:

  • After setting up the account, you just have to click on “Location” in the menu on the left side, so you can see the location where the monitored device is located. FoneMonitor also shows you the exact address and time.

how to track a cell phone

In this way you will know where the device you want to locate is located, you can also configure it to send you alerts every time the device leaves the predestined area. This service is only available to monitor the location of GPS for phones or tablets with Android.

Personal information: without the need to hack the phone

With the help of FoneMonitor, you will be able to know the personal data, telephone contacts, messages and calls made. This way it will be easy to see SMS and iMessages, including the name, numbers, message content, time and attachments, as well as the option to play and download SMS multimedia attachments.

To read the SMS of the phone monitored with FoneMonitor just follow this step:

  • Go to the FoneMonitor panel and click on “Messages”. In this way, you can see the content, name, and number as well as the shared attachments. Also, in the “Search” function in the upper right corner, you can find your desired messages quickly.

Monitor SMS / messages with FoneMonitor

In relation to calls, you can review the call history with the name, phone number, duration, data and type of call, as well as record conversations in real time.

To see phone calls monitored with FoneMonitor just follow this step:

  • Find the “Calls” panel and click on it. From there, you can see the name, the contact numbers, the duration of the call, the date and the types of calls, such as incoming, outgoing, lost or rejected calls.

Monitoring calls with FoneMonitor

It is also possible to see phone contacts, including names, phone numbers, address, group, organization, emails and more, giving the possibility to download the contact list.

To be able to see the contacts of the phone monitoring with FoneMonitor, you just have to follow this step:

  • Click on “Contacts” in the left panel to display the contact information on the target phone.

For its part, the Search function in the upper right corner will help you quickly find information. And the “Update” icon allows you to update the contacts on the monitored device.

WhatsApp and other installed applications

Although currently obtaining WhatsApp data is only available on iOS devices, the method is simple. With FoneMonitor you do not need to know how to hack a phone to be able to see the information on the networks and applications of the phone that you want to monitor. You can spy the chat of WhatsApp, download the attachments including photos, videos and voice files. You can even check the iCloud ID and you can access the passwords that were used in the target iOS devices.

To be able to see the phone applications monitored with FoneMonitor, you only need to:

  • Log in to your FoneMonitor account, go to the left panel, click on “Social Apps” and then find “WhatsApp”.

Spy the chat of WhatsApp with FoneMonitor

In this way, you can also monitor the applications that are used without knowing how to hack someone’s phone. With FoneMonitor it is simple and you can have access to the name and number of installed applications, with photos of the applications that can be downloaded easily. As in the WhatsApp panel, you only have to register in the app, enter the information and click on “Relevant information of the application” followed by “Applications” in the left side panel. There you will find all the applications installed on the monitored device that is displayed with the name and icon of the application. In addition, with the “Search” option you can find them more easily.

Photos and videos will download in your own device

Now you can access the photos on the monitored phone, including screenshots and other files with the ability to cut and download the photos displayed in thumbnails or the original files. For this, you just need to:

  • Click on the “Photo” option in the left panel to allow photos on the target phone’s screen. You can also toggle various display modes such as Slider show, Full screen, and Thumbnails, or download the selected image.

access the photos on the monitored phone

As for the videos you can easily see their content, take screenshots in slider show mode, full screen or thumbnail, know video details about when and where they were created. To do this, click on the option “Video preview” in the menus on the left.

Monitor the browser: Check the history in real time

If you want to know the history of the navigator and the bookmarks saved, the times of use of the navigator and which websites visits, you only have to click on “History of the navigator” in the menus of the left side. Now the browser history will appear in chronological order by default.

Monitor the browser: Check the history in real time

Also, you can see the reminders on the calendar and even play voice notes. It also includes the title, the list, the date, the address of the voice notes.

Conclusion and final considerations

For us, it is also very important to protect our children from the dangers on the internet, especially in social networks. So much information not suitable for their age and persons with bad intentions there, lead us to take preventive measures and FoneMonitor is the best you can find in the market. Definitely enough a week of testing the product to affirm its effectiveness. The accuracy of the GPS and the ability to deeply visualize another device from any distance has been impressive. The messages, calls, videos, and images can be seen in real time.

However, we remember to you that this application is announced for parental control and the legal use of the employer. Neither my person, XiaomiToday or FoneMonitor are encouraging other users to make invasive use of this application, such as monitoring your partner’s phone or other cases. This is just for taking control of the kids’ security.

Also, it could have a good use if someones steals your phone or you forget it in a place, but can’t remember where. You can now locate your lost smartphone. But always keep in mind that FoneMonitor cannot synchronize the latest data if the target Android device is off or not connected to the network. Take this advice into account when you use it.

FoneMonitor live demo now for free

Price and accessibility

FoneMonitor has a wide guarantee and it is possible to acquire it in comfortable packages adjusted to the user. These plans vary from 1 month, 3 months and 1 year. But it also has a Premium package for your choice. You can acquire FoneMonitor through its official website for a value of $ 29.99 in its Premium version and $ 39.99 in the Ultimate edition.

 Buy FoneMonitor

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