How to make your Mac more efficient using Commander One

These days our file management has become a bigger mess than our lives. And that’s saying something. But very honestly, with the amount of cloud storage services we’ve all signed up for it’s not difficult to see why. With our files littered all over the internet and hard drives, looking for a particular file is pretty much equivalent to looking for a needle in a haystack. And that is exactly why we need a good and efficient file manager in our lives. Something that can get hold of all our files, online or offline and let us view them in one place in a simple organized fashion.

With an idea so simple you would’ve thought that there would be thousands of files managers programmed to function this way and you’re right, there are. But there are very few which get the task done as effectively as Commander One.

With a name just like it’s out of a James Bond movie, Commander One proves to be a simple yet efficient file manager for Mac. Its versatility proves to be its key selling point as it manages all your files across all your networks. Be it Google Drive, Amazon S3, Dropbox or even OneDrive. Commander One also comes with a built-in FTP client that connects you to remote servers via FTP, SFTP or FTPS and it saves all your passwords safely in the MacOS Keychain.

We shall now take a brief look at all the features of Commander One.

Features of Commander One

Some of the best local file management tools you’ve seen

Alongside being super fast and easy to use, Commander One features some neat little features that make your job that much easier.

Open unlimited tabs and work better using brief mode

When you use Commander One, apart from the single panel that you use when using the built-in Finder you get and addition panel, both of whom support unlimited tabs so you can have multiple folders open at the same time on the same screen and do whatever you wish to do quickly. You also get the ability to take a look at your History (which folders you opened recently) and set favorite folders that you can access in a single click.

There is also a supremely cool way to view all your ongoing operations using the Operations Queue which allows you to see all the operations (copy pastes, files transfers) in a neat little queue in the background.

You can also utilize the Mac archiver to zip or unzip all your compressed files. Commander One also allows users to run terminal commands from the same window.

Get hold of all your online files in one place

As we mentioned earlier Commander One allows users to sync all their cloud files onto their Mac and edit and play around with them just as if they’re all based locally on their devices. This allows you to technically add more storage space on your Mac. This is done by Mounting your cloud services onto your Mac, you can then use all this space to save all your data on your device easily.

List of supported services

Commander One supports a whole bunch of online cloud services and also allows a user to sync data via the FTP client that is built into the device. Here is a list of all the supported services:

  • Amazon S3
  • WebDAV
  • DropBox
  • Google Drive
  • OneDrive

Also, manage all your other devices using Commander One

You can also use Commander One to manage all your other devices like iPhones, Android-based devices and cameras. Make use of the iOS files transfer, Android file transfer and MTP file transfer to get hold of all the data that’s on your device.

There are 2 different versions of Commander One available currently, a free version and a PRO version. Head over to their website and select what plan works for you best!

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