How to hide pictures and videos in PC/Android/iOs with smooth sync!

Android and iOS – the two topmost platforms:

Users of iPhone are known for having a busy schedule, classy life and having a different opinion from the masses. The ratio of these users however is lower than that of android, but both of the extreme ends are highly addicted to the platforms they use. To say that one user would switch from one platform to another doesn’t seem possible as that only happens once in a blue moon.

Android users prefer their devices as they offer complete convenience and features that are normally needed by the average user. However, while android offers too many features, facing glitches might be hard to ignore. iPhone however, aces here by offering limited features making sure their product stays steadfast till the very end.

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Changing trends:

Android devices are known for being the most user-friendly devices and almost every user whether tech savvy or not can run it through their fingertips. However, these android devices are not is possession of every feature you need. For example, you can use gallery but you cannot protect them with reliable security. Furthermore, you can use multiple apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter etc. but cannot protect them. Hence, there is a need of an app where you are to protect to protect your daily activities with complete ease.

Folder Lock:

But regardless of which platform you use, data threats of the prying eyes are hard to ignore. In case of android, users face regular attempts of their data being hacked or leaked without their consent and hence they face consequences. To help our readers we have made a review on an application that helps you get rid of all such data threats. This app is known as Folder lock created by Newsoftwares, which protects all the commonly known features of your phone like gallery, documents, information, files and more.



Besides locking files, now you can keep track of who tried your phone in your absence and hence make sure not to trust them again with your phone lying unattended in their presence. Hence, protection level increases with this feature.

Cloud backup:

Storing data only on your phone is not the ideal concept and it is important for you to store the same data on the cloud as well. Cloud accounts like Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive and Box account are known for their user-friendly interfaces. Whether android or iOS, we recommend all of our readers to create a backup of their data and keep them protected in the cloud accounts such as Dropbox. Do these singles step to avoid any worries in the future of losing your data once and for all and not being able to recover it at all.


While working or attending a class, you might find a quick need of writing notes and saving them for later use. Hence, vault lets you create notes whenever needed. Whether you are in need of creating a to-do list, write down something creative, or write down notes in the absence of your notebook, try noting down the points to be noted using the ‘Notes’ feature.

Protect photos:

Photos should be made inaccessible to anyone you do not trust as they are a private part of memory. Hence, the moments we share with our loved ones shouldn’t be shared with public as it may depict a troublesome image. Protect these photos with an app and worry no more. Wallets are also made available in this app where you can save all yourbanking details, card numbers and more.

Lock apps:

Use all the apps you want or prefer and lock them for added security. This app lets you do so through its password protection feature.

Gallery lock:

Gallery used to be insensitive and open to the prying eyes or people who you do not trust. But not anymore as now you can protect your gallery and everything in it with this app.

Protects docs:

Documents can either be too confidential or too open for access to anyone. There exist two extremes where one category must be protected. For example, your creative idea which isn’t as of yet implemented is confidential and should be protected at all costs. Losing this information means you lose your entire chunk of hard work.

Lock photos and videos:

Take photos and secure them quickly. Import them from gallery or on the fly and keep them safe using the password protection feature.

Customized gallery:

Organize, view and play all your locked photos or videos inside a discreet and protected interface.

Protect audios:

Secure confidential and private audio recordings and conversations by either selecting specific audio files in phone’s internal storage or by importing from the web browser.

Recovery password:

No need to worry about forgetting your password as now, you can easily retrieve or recover it through registered email option.

Multiple security locks:

Try improving your security by choosing the best available option for security. You can set a password, a PIN or a pattern to keep yourself away from those who you do not trust.

Recover data:

You cane easily recover your forgotten password, pin or pattern through the process of email recovery.

Last words:

Folder Lock (www.newsoftwares.net/folderlock/) so far seemed to be a reliable app that is available for user platforms (Android,iOS,Desktop) which makes syncing and accessing files at its best. Make sure you try all of its features as they are truly worth it.


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