How to Get Cheap Products at GearBest and Win Prizes?

GearBest has been on the market for up to 4 years. During this period it could manage to become one of the leading electronic resellers. But what’s more amazing this company always looks for new brands and manufacturers that come in with quality products. That’s why GearBest has become one of the best places you can make your purchase. Those who have bought anything from this retailer should know it always provides the lowest prices. There is a rule – if you have seen a lower price tag on another e-shop, tell GearBest about it, and most likely it will offer you the preferred product at an even lower price. Well, from March 3 to April 9 GearBest is going to come in with crazy discounts and prizes to showcase its appreciation. This is a great chance for both new and existing customers to get their hands on new products for discounted price tags and get tons of gifts. Here is what GearBest is offering and how you can use this opportunity.

4th anniversary

First, the whole process is divided into three phases:

Preheat?03/20 17:00 – 03/26 10:00?BEIJING TIME?

  1. You will see text carousels that are updated every 3 days. Every time it happens the carousel shows 4 products. As you guess, the carousel will allow you to acquire your preferred products for discounted price tags.
  2. An interesting flash sale system will work during those 6 days. Twice a day (02:00 UTC and 09:00 UTC) a special page will show two products at a flash sale price. Once one of them reaches the limit, it will be automatically replaced with another product. Therefore, there will be 8 products at a flash sale price daily.
  3. Of course, there will be lucky bags.
  4. A money off special page will offer you to get $3 off when making purchases over $50, 8$ off for $100, and 20% off for $200.
  5. If you are active in social media, you can collect points by sharing various pages. The prize includes the much anticipated Umidigi S2 Lite.
  6. You can get a 1 add-on for $1.44 when making purchases over $60 or $8.44 over $100.
  7. Finally, GearBest is giving back to the most loyal customers.

4th anniversary

Formal?03/26 10:00 – 04/02 10:00?BEIJING TIME?

  1. Two coupons on the promo page. You can use it during the whole period – no limits on units and time.
  2. The same flash sale system works during this period as well. So you should be quick not to miss your chance.
  3. Of course, there are top sellers at GearBest. You can get your hands on their products for discounted price tags during the second phase. Xiaomi is among them, undoubtedly.
  4. A special page named Category Battefield will allow you to buy a Xiaomi phone under $90 and smartwatch under $10.

Encore: 04/02 10:00 – 04/09 12:00 ?BEIJING TIME?

GearBest offers tons of various products. So you can use this period to acquire electronics, lifestyle, and fashion products. Say, electronics will get up to 35% discount, while the fashion products will be available for up to 85% discounted price tags. At last, there will be an Easter day gaming page with myriads of prizes and a daily lucky draw. As you see, everything is done to give tribute to GearBest customers. That’s for you, folks!


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